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Hi Jonzo,

That Broom Hire Boat that was damaged on the first week or two after they started hiring again had to be repaired after the customer tried to take a piece out of the St Olaves Bridge, I have seen the boat and you can hardly see the repair.

They do however now have a few scuffs on the gelcoat above the waterline like most hirecraft.



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what abooot the ole boys at wayford i hear that they are to expect two new boot s for slae brand new ones in next two weeks ....tooo



a sedan like the haines 34 and new fast fisher for the posh fiher folk on nthe coast etc 22 foot ?????



it s not all hire fleet yer knaw ....................!!!



busy behind the scenes with deals  and info we do it all we may be a bit  rougth but we gut the results ......



welcome to the proper working boot yard ......................

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There is Brinks Rhapsody which technically is not new for 2015 but her sister boat will be, and No1. in the class has not long been launched just a few weeks back.


I'll be doing a video review and Blog of Rhapsody at the end of October so keep an eye out for this because she looks pretty special inside and has some innovative features such as an electric hybrid drive system.

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our three new boat are still in progress, to arvive the sedan is all done and now going to river trials


the fisher is still to be complete


the day boat is nearly there ..............



and just confirm new fishing boat of 12/14 foot similated clinker too


and two brand new speed boats too .........................



may be more to come ..............................

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The electric hybrid systems used in the Ranger Launches are quite glitchy. It is not at all uncommon for the switch between fuel and leccy crashes out leaving the whole system in limbo and requiring the isolation of power to both and a restart to get it live again.


I have no idea whether this is an install issue in the launches or an more embedded problem with the system, but I wouldn't want to see a 40ft cruiser being stricken on a current because it has locked out during a switch over.......

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Personally, i`d like to see Marthams build a new cruiser (or more?) using a GRP hull and timber superstructure. I love the look of that.


I was chatting to one of the owners of Martham a few years ago and he told me they were thinking about taking a mould of a Judith hull. It doesn't seem to have happened, but it seemed a fantastic idea to me.


I like that damned bridge just as it is. Leave it alone!!

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:( I think it will be a sad day if Marthams move towards plastic boats.. I love the business model (and hastern to add that we did hire with them several times before being stupid and getting our own boat) and it's always nice to see their wooden boats on the river.. 


As others have mentioned I think the bridge needs to stay though.. mainly as a tourist attraction, although I think we need to start a campaign to fund the hiring of a JCB and digging around the bridge.. which side do we go though? hmm probably the chip shop side...

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