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Berney Arms closed for good yesterday


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Spider, Bob McLaughlan ran it for years. It was standing room only there then quite often on a Sunday Lunchtime. I think the closing of all the yards on the south broads, may well have had caused trade to fall to none profitable levels at the pub.


cheers Iian.

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A shame to hear this as I thought the new landlord might actually be able to make a go of it. Let's hope someone else is brave enough to have a go, but given the remote location, it's always going to be a very tough place to try to earn a living.

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that the price (£230,000)  is .... shall we say ...optimistic!

 Is that a pint MM? I know John was quoting some outlandish beer prices earlier...says the man who wrings out any insect that may drop in his beer, just in case it swallowed any!

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I think the asking price is very steep I feel but there are that I can think of off the top of my head only really two ways the place could be used.


1. It is bought as a home and almost as a ‘non-profit’ sells some ales/beer to those that may be passing and pop in.


2. A micro brewery is set up and this way something like ‘Old Berney’ could be sold around Norfolk and Suffolk and those sales would be the mainstay of revenue – people could then stop by at the place to drink the ales on offer but the main business would be brewing not a pub.


Because it’s its location it is almost 100% reliant on passing boat traffic for trade – also the main boating season is short so there are vast swathes of a year where you would find no passing trade at all – other than the odd walker or lonely boater stopping for a brandy on a cold November day.


Even if the idea of a micro brewery was to work out, you would need to sell an awful lot of beer before you began paying back the £230,000 asking price and brewing equipment and while it may be romantic that boats could collect the ale and take it to other waterside pubs and road connections to then be distributed wider afield that would be very slow and expensive too.


I fear therefore it will either just become derelict or be turned into a private home – with some one that likes a remote lifestyle.


Attached are the sales particulars

Berney Arms Sales Pack.pdf

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Would somebody please give me a serious slap.

If the price came down (quite a bit) I am now seriously thinking of buying it and running it as it should be run.

No disrespect to the previous landlords,, but I could reach a lower amount without borrowing, and under those circumstances it could provide me with a living.

I have in mind a menu


Dish of the day...     Ham sandwich.

Vegetarian option... Bread and butter.

Vegan option...        Bread.


What think you?

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Oh Maurice.     I like your style.   If we could afford it we would have it as a house and you can bet your bottom dollar you would end up serving teas and home made cakes and generally stocking the odd things that folk need and run out of.     We can wish.   I dont think Ernie know my numbers are in there anymore than the Lottery recognises any of my tickets.  I am sure I am not alone in thinking this.

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Eric, as I said earlier on this thread, the demise of the southern boatyards must have hit trade there. It was a Scot, Bob McLaughlan who was in there for years. But he I think, saw the writting on the wall.


Its a potential place, but you need customers all year round! IMHO to make it work.


cheers Iain.

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