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Replica American PBR for sale on Ebay


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i do own the small river verson of this and mine can perform a little faster too 


all in green and done about 6yrs gao too 


currenly in the store but i will bring her ooot going install more power as need mre speed too extra 40 hp on top of what we have alreadt toio should do it 


mine even has a glass bulb to view out orf too in the roof 


but the chap who owns this one is a star good ole boy well dun i say keep them on ther toes ....




nar orf my sea too ...........................................

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'Canned Heat' is living, under an assumed name, in a boatyard on the Thames near Staines, London.

The hull had been stripped completely and it now awaits a full rebuild with replacement engines and drives (etc etc etc!)

Copies of the original American PBR Mk 2 plans have been obtained and it is hoped to modify the craft to make it a little less like a Mk 1 - a 'Mk1A' so to speak, as it would be nigh on impossible to recreate an original Mk 2 as the gunwales are much lower and of course the transom is a completely different shape with the original vessel being somewhat broader in beam as American river cruisers were at that time.  

I understand the owner is about to commission a survey and has recently obtained two Volvo Penta AQ 270's which are to be rebuilt and the search is now on for a couple of AQ 270 legs and transom shields also for rebuilding....

The owner hopes to start on the project soon as he intends to retire to Norfolk in year or two and would like to recreate the 'Lowestoft Photo Shoot' of 2014 in 2024. 

This replica American military vessel of the Vietnam era is not to everyone's taste (i.e. Marine Underwriters) as it is somewhat different than the usual 'plastic fantastics', rather like a WW2 Jeep sitting in a Tesco's car park - it's a bit Marmite, but of course in the US the PBR and it's crews are, like the WW2 Jeep highly venerated and considerable help has been freely given by the Veteran's Association - even though this is nowhere an exact replica they appreciate the owners interest and refuse to ridicule the idea.     

From the current owners point of view the original thinking behind the point of the vessel is lost, but perhaps it was simply a nod to the film 'Apocalypse Now' (shot entirely on location in Luzon, Philippines) and was not conceived as some sort of floating memorial to those brave crews who fought and died thousands of miles from home.  

Perhaps it will return to Reedham one day....


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