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Scrap book.


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Cameras have improved dramatically over the years, and now most of us have a one capable of superb results technically, in most situations, and with a fair degree of automation.


The light and distance are set automatically, and the digital sensors capture the image far more faithfully than the old temperamental film emulsion.


The real skill that distinguishes competition winning photos remains though, the ability to compose a static scene from a real life situation.


Excellent photos Peter.

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Eric, I canny unnerstawn why you come back to the Broads, when you can make all them SAND CASTLES where you are!!! :naughty:  :naughty:  :naughty:  OkOkOk I jest, you come to Norfolk for the Cardhu  :bow  :bow  :bow


Beg pardon JM, for going off topic. Yet again you have produced another cracking pic!


cheers Iain.

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Yet another sunset photographed from the end of my garden. Nothing special but if you look carefully at the clouds in the middle you can see a small flock of birds 'murmurizing', great entertainment. As I turned from taking this snap a vicious, freezing squall crossed the Broad, brrrrrrr. As I walked back up the garden the skies opened, stinging rain, I was glad to get in.



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JM, I have to say once again the photos are stunning. Looking at the Oulton Broad web cam just as it got light this morning it was breathtaking. I know you live on the Broad, hope you don't mind me asking but what is your favourite time of the day and what are your favourite times of the year, I should imagine you have had some pretty peaceful moments just sitting by the broad maybe with a drink in hand.


Sorry for the questions, just being nosy really but also nice to read this sort of thing, especially from a local



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