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Home made "falling over water"


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Hi Eric,

I went through the wine making stage many years ago, I mostly used the kits but I did dabble with potato, rice & raisin, elder flower & elder berry.

The trouble was a lot of these wines just tasted like sherry and sherry is a drink I can never get used to.

Have a go with does a sparkling wine, its a bit of a faff with the stoppers that you keep having to pull the draw strings on and the trap on the demijohn needs to be a special one.

Maybe you might be better off asking Jill for her recipe for the gin & vodka.



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I use 16ltrs of grape juice, 1 ltr of apple juice, 600 grams of sugar and about a table spoon of baker's yeast. Let it bubble for 3 weeks and hope for the best. I make it in one of those upside down water containers with a condom on the top (with requisite number of pin holes in it).

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Using bakers yeast is a bit hit and miss for flavour, if you use proper wine yeast they are selected for taste, i.e. a Burgundy yeast used with red fruit will produce a Burgundy type wine.

Fermentation should take place in a container fitted with some form of airlock (wine needs air excluded) this could be a simple arrangement of a plastic tube in a beaker of water.

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Hi Martin,


Second time writing this reply, as I lost internet signal when trying to post. I will try to find wine yeast (no shops here that sell it). The condom works OK if you put it on squint, as it falls over to form a seal when the bubbling is over. Temperature is my main problem (9 months of the year), as the bubbling works too fast. Thanks for your reply.

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