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Your Favorite Broadland walks?


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Hi Lovely Forumites!


We're having another week on Petite Gem, 4-11 October and we're counting the days (literally!). 


We'll be staying north this time as the tides aren't really favorable for a jaunt "darn sarf" this week..


We'd like to do  some nice afternoon walks, chug in the morning, moor up at lunchtime and walkies in the afternoon.


One i'd really like to do do is a wander across to the coast from West Somerton or Horsey - if we can get under that bridge of course!


What are your favorite walks (accessible from moorings) on the Northern Broads?


cheers Gang!


Jane x 

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I've always liked the walk at cockshoot broad.


Now that looks nice, what are the cockshoot dyke moorings like?




We only walked past the White Horse at the time as it was closed! Thankfully it was open on our return, phew!



cheers Iain.


We went in June and you could still smell the new paint! Nice beer, we didn't eat as the OH loves the challenge of on-board cooking! (how lucky am i??)



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It depends how much you are comfortable to do walking – but on my last trip I moored at Paddy’s Lane (close as makes no difference to Barton Turf).  I then walked to the White Horse Pub in Neatishead and found it a very nice walk through the Norfolk countryside. 


The Pub after its recent refurbishment was lovely too.


Another nice thing to see is the Barton Boardwalk (or is it Broadwalk I am never sure) – this leads to the viewing platform over looking Barton Broad – you can get to this from Gays Staithe.


Moor at Sutton Staithe and walk into the village, once you have crossed the busy road it is nice and you can visit the Pottery.

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We quite like the walk from Ranworth Staithe or from the 24 hour moorings at South Walsham Broad, into South Walsham or Brigadoon as Tan & I call it. From Ranworth Staithe you think you will never get there and posted 1 3/4 miles from the moorings at South Walsham is good Norfolk miles and then some.



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I would check Robins directions before you do that.... :naughty:


You could walk to the shop from Rockland Staithe, it's a very pleasant 3 1/2mile walk....


When you get off the boat facing the pub, head left, walk down this road for about a mile, then turn around and head in the opposite direction, past the pub and another mile or so is the shop.

3 1/2 miles to get to it, about a mile back to the boat....




(sorry Robin)

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Wow - many thanks for all these fab ideas - google can be your friend here, but there's no substitute for folks real experience!


Much food for thought, and most walks include beer!  cheersbar


Even when we're in london we do like to go for "yomps" as we call them.. 


Robin - have you ever wandered the london canal system? It's actually pretty interesting - from the posh bits on the regents canal (london zoo area - not often you get to see baboons from a canal boat) to the sometimes "innovative" liveaboards on the lea river!


Many thanks all!

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Good afternoon Jane,

I'm new to this Forum but have just signed in and seen your thread.

The walk to the beach from Horsey is my favourite. You sound as if you know it already but if you don't, moor at Horsey Staithe and pay Derek his £5 assuming you are staying. Try and moor at the first mooring on the left as you enter the dyke ( just after Ross's River tours). That is unless I am there in one of the old Martham boats in which case I want it ! This will give you a superb view out over the Mere, and, if you are lucky, a fantastic sunset. Walk straight over the road and across the field towards the dunes. You need to turn left after a while and then right onto the unmade road. It'll take you about 25 minutes to the sea.

I always make a point of swimming there although the last time a particularly witty friend of mine nicked my clothes so I had a rather embarrassing exit from the sea !! Luckily it was freezing cold if you get my drift !!

In October I would have thought that you stand a good chance of seeing the seals, either swimming, or on the sand if you turn right when you reach the beach.

On the way back, time it right , go straight on onto the road and have a drink/meal at the Nelson's Head which is a pub that I love although the food can be a bit hit and miss.

Take a small torch with you in order to help you negotiate the path/road on the way back.

Finally , if you have had a swim, make sure you have bought a couple of tokens for the shower by the staithe from the little NT shop there.

Then settle down for the night with a couple of glasses of wine and listen out for a bitten !

Sorry I tend to bang on a bit when the subject of Horsey Mere comes up !

By the way, looking at Petite Gem I think you ought to have a great chance of getting under PH bridge.


Also hello to all on this Forum. Seems like a nice place to be.

Best wishes


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I love the walk up to the road from the moorings at Brundall Church Fen. There's the 'excitement' of having to cross the railway line, and it can be a bit boggy in places,  but it's still one of my favourites.  Also the walk from the Pye's Mill moorings to Loddon, even though the cows can be a bit intimidating at times!

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Hi Alan,


How long would it take from OBYS to the town via the river bank?


Hi Eric, I've never timed it to be honest.. We normally walk really slowly too.. Although it certainly an afternoon thing..(perhaps an hours walk.. maybe? - the train back is about 3 mins though!) It's well worth it though although its a bit industrial but its nice change from the prettyness of the rivers.. if you catch me... cheers

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