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Which One - Money No Object


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I cant put a rolling on the floor emoticon in the title but........ if money was no object

Here is one for the panel - discuss

The 5D Mk11 is not out yet although some early images have been posted but if you were to choose between these two which one and why.

Canon 1D Mk111

Canon 5D MK11

One to keep the photography section ticking over ;)



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S'easy perry, there's no contest. The 1D III is old technology - early 07, which in terms of sensor development was the last ice age - the 5DII is smack up to date. Next, resolution - it's not everything, but the 5dII is going to produce some really hi res images, whereas the 1DIII is aimed at sports shooters who don't want big file sizes and extreme resolution, but do need speed. Which brings me on to frame rate - the 1D is a lot faster in that department, but I'm a landscaper so couldn't care less (3.9 frames per HOUR is more than I'm used to, let alone per second!).

I'd choose the 5DII over the 1DS III, let alone the 1D III - photographers who have used the pre-production 5DII (e.g at the UK Canon launch) say it's a lot better than the Mk III, no doubt (again) because of the newer sensor. In fact it's hard to see how Canon will sell many IDS IIIs now, and there must be a Mk IV in the pipeline to keep their business model with heavy duty pro bodies viable.


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I came at this when I first looked at these two camera's from the how on earth will they sell any 1DS at just over double the price. :o let alone 1Dmk111

I came to the conclusion which I think you have eluded to, it really depends on the type of photography you do. We don't yet know what the 5D Mk11 Auto focus will be like but currently the 1D Mk111 is class leading so for wildlife, Sports etc this may have the edge if this is your bag. For Landscape I can see the much higher potential resolution and detail in theory from the higher pixel count should be of great benefit, auto focus does not come into the equation for this.

I shall be fascinated to see what the images are like of the 5D2 once in 'real' use.

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Canon 5D Mk 11 for me please!

Were money to be no object, I would be unable to move! :roll::roll:

My camera bag would have both those bodies plus a Phase One P65+ Digital Back,coupled with so many 'L' series bits of glass I would need a Roadie to carry it all. :)

For the foreseeable future I will have to stick with my old outdated, Canon 20D :cry:cry



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