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MTB 102 | Your Heritage Afloat

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An exclusive video for this Forum we join MTB 102 and her crew on passage to and from the London’s St. Katherines Docks where she took part in a classic boat show.

Motor Torpedo Boats (MTB's), were developed to be able to mount a quick response to threats from any seagoing vessel either warship or submarine.

MTB 102 was designed (under the designation Vosper Private Venture Boat) by Commander Peter Du Cane CBE, Managing Director of Vosper Ltd., in 1936. She was completed and launched in 1937, and ran trials on the Solent.
Credit has to be made to Charlie Griffin and Russ Jenkins for their camera work – first timers but naturals – and getting us to the heart of the action on board.


Myself then filmed Richard Basey – Chairman of the MTB 102 Trust, Skipper and Chief Engineer on a guided tour of the vessel.  As you can see we only touched the surface and one must really visit personally to appreciate and feel the history – right down to where in 1944 she carried Winston Churchill and General Eisenhower sat on their review of the ships assembled on the south coast for the D-Day landings, thus seeing the desperate evacuation of troops from Europe and their determined return.


MTB 102 is kept afloat through generous donations - from visitors, friends of the craft and business sponsors – but as any boat owner will appreciate it costs money to keep boats afloat and in good order.  Perhaps after watching the video you may like to help keep this truly remarkable and historic craft where she belongs - on the sea. 


Go to www.mtb102.com to learn about the history of this classic vessel and how you can donate or become ‘a friend of MTB 102’.



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I've just found the time to watch :) .... it looks like Griff had a brilliant weekend.. I'm very jealous.. I'd love to do such a trip...


Shes a stunning craft and top work for the charity to keep her going.. we have a few of these in the marina here which have been somewhat badly converted into houseboats and the double diagonal construction with cloth in the middle meant they were throw away boats really.. so it really is hard work to keep them alive (Certainly more emphasises the point to donate..)


Thanks to all for recording and posting too.. (Griff looked a natural..!) 

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I spotted LR's spelling mistake in the MTB102's email address, I only have one complaint about the filming, Griff remember to pan the camera round slowly, I have problems with the fast pans, by the end of the film I was feeling seasick, but still the content was so good I stuck it out to the end.

(Griff don't take that as criticism by the way, it was meant to be constructive and let you take even better videos, even I have made that mistake in the past, ending up with video's I cant stand to watch - but then I seem to be sensitive to the effect.)


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Oh I see - Got you re the 'Missing Item'  It was missing nearly all of the time during open sea but proper on in the river.  And I have my own reasons for that.


Anyroadup - Glad you all enjoyed it.  Ref the panning thing - yes it was too fast, I didn't realise at the time as this is the first time I have used my camera in video mode.  Still one lives and learns, not that  I shall not be starting up regular video postings of the Broads - I will leave that to the expert - Robin.  I only took those videos as I thought it was something a bit special and worth recording, and without Robins expertise it would have been just a mixed jumble of this and that.


Now I have done the MTB102 adventure it seems the skipper was so impressed with his weekend crew that we have an open invite to crew again whenever a suitable opportunity presents itself that is not already booked up  - and there is room for 3 x more, we can go to 7, more hands light work - MTB102 does need plenty of cleaning and maintenance - all done by volunteers.




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