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Warehouse Express....

Guest plesbit

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....is moving its showroom next week into the same building as its actual warehousing operation. They tell me it's going to be the biggest camera showroom in the country (or certainly very close).

Many people here may be familiar with Warehouse Express - I've been ordering stuff from there since 2001 when I lived in Dundee and I've been getting stuff ever since. It was only a few months ago that I discovered it's actually based in Norwich and has a showroom (though pretty small at the time). I've never spent more time looking at photography stuff than over the last few months and WE is almost always a good deal cheaper than anyone else (Camera World comes close) so for them to be opening one of Britain's biggest showrooms on my doorstep is a real bonus.

Give them a couple of weeks to let the dust settle and I'd reckon it's got to be worth a visit. Probably I should leave my check book and VISA card behind though!


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Nice to have then on your doorstep Simon, always competitive, and an association with Andy Rouse :bow:bow

I was on the South Coast last week and called into see these:


Brand new showroom with Canikon and associated display models to 'play' with. Also a big display of Sony Alpha range to have a mess with, and staff that don't bother you unless you need help :clap

Miles away from you but worth keeping an eye on some of the prices as are:


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Park Cameras look interesting (bookmark pending). Their body prices are little higher than WE (though in the same ballpark) but some of the lens costs are actually cheaper. That nice Carl Zeiss 16-80mm that I'm constantly drooling over is slowly coming down and down (it's already gone from £800 to just under £500). If only it was FF coverage. :(

Naturally I will have to go and see what the new WE showrooms look like - it would be rude not to. :naughty:

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I would have thought you were aware 'WE' were in Norwich.

I've been trying to work out their alarm system for years!! (Just Kidding)!! :lol::norty:

Keep a close watch on Park Camera's, they sometimes have some real cracking deals. I've found them to be first class with service and knowledge.

They will keep you updated if you mail them, plus they have recently issued their latest products catalogue with some very nice stuff inside it, if I may say so!.



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Personally, I'm dreading going to visit WE's new showroom shop!! :naughty::naughty::cry

I feel a large Credit Crunch about to take place, with Canon's 5DMk 2, plus 2 'L' series lenses trying to make a home in my gadget bag.

Meanwhile, I'll just wait for the bailiffs to re-possess my home and watch as they hand it over to WE. :norty::norty:


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