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The Broads poised to re-brand itself as a National Park


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The BA has posted this on it's website:


It has also published it's own persuasive, clearly biased publication, a copy of which I picked up last week.



Neither refer to the fact that Parliament threw out the Broads National Park Bill and that DEFRA told the BA's Chief Executive that the Authority could not use the National Park name tag, something that many of you already know of course. 


However, I hear a buzz that some £35,000.00 has been spent on this latest campaign.

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I have to admit, I really do not know which way to lean on this.

We know that the broads isn't a National Park.

We know the difference between being a National Park and being a member of the National Parks family.

and we know that we object to it becoming the former but do not mind the latter.


Personally I am grateful to Peter (Jenny Morgan) for keeping his ear so closely to the ground on this subject but that in itself might be a two edged sword. We certainly don't want to fall into the "Cry Wolf" trap.


Every time the B.A. mentions National Park in any journal, we gird our loins in readiness for the impending battle. This is not wise! We need Peter and others of a like mind to keep us informed, and perhaps it's worth having a section dedicated to this cause, but we must avoid the headless chicken response.


I well understand the feelings that calling it one doesn't make it one, as well as the counter feeling that calling it one might be used to conceal the attempt to make it one. So what, as a member of this forum, should I do about such posts. I don't know!


For my part if the weight of evidence is sufficient, I could only advise writing to various appropriate MPs asking them if there is any way of stopping this unelected quango from wasting money persuing this pointless and expensive exercise.


Perhaps they should consider the costs of this re-branding if the only result is to make them undo all the sign-writing and letter heading shortly afterwards. Could our elected masters remind them of that? Again I don't know.


Finally, I hope we can keep this thread in the forums spirit and not let it fall into another series of personal slights. Last time that happened we lost a highly valued member.

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Wise words, Maurice. Re that loss of a valued member, rather more to that one than a few personal slights though. Anyway, water under the bridge now.


As I see it, once the public is persuaded to believe that the Broads is a National Park, even if only in name,  then that will, I'm sure, be used to assist the BA's demand for formal NP status. Coincidently we are within months of a general election and many BA committee members are coming to the end of their tenure, a good time to push the issue. Devious or not, such tactics have, been admitted to and used before.

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