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GPS receivers

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Hi have been told that gps recivers will give accurate speed on the water however there seems to be alot on the market do they all do the same job ? are some no good what is the best solution ? tried a car tom tom but dont think speed was relieable at 4mph The handheld garmin look better but are they ? your thoughts experience will be very helpfull.

Sandy & Bob :Stinky

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An argument that has been raised on a number of occasions, anything allowing 12 satalites to be read will be the most accurate peice of equipment for measuring speed over ground, whilst on the water, available, even at 4 mph.

Some claim to be more accurate at locating a position than others from 5m down to 1m but due to the way the satalites are used this should have no bearing on the speed over ground, unless you are dead set on just doing a couple of meters at a time. even your Tom Tom should be giving accurate speed readings.

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:-D I use the Garmin E/Trex H and can't fault it, tried my prat nav and is wasn't up to much and gave wrong speed readings,

the Garmin is accurate to tenths of a mph, and has lots of other usefull features most of which I havn't worked out yet, like plotting your course, moon phases and a best time for fishing thingy wherever you are, I use the Energizer Ultimate battery's in mine and get about a weeks usage from them, like Perry I'd recommend it, for such a small thing it does one hell of a lot,,

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:-D Rod! no doubt your right about GPS and Sat Nav, but I think all anyone wants is an indication of speed, I don't think there is such a thing as accurate speed reading on any boat, if there is I've never found one, you know yourself that the difference between 4mph and 5mph is barely noticable, but get the wrong ranger and you could be done for speeding, I was going to fit a rev counter, but after reading how tide and wind can affect your speed at the same revs I gave it a miss, even my through hull speedo thingy is way out and it was a very expensive one when it was fitted, at least with GPS your speed is measured over the water or land so tide and other factors don't really affect it, even though I know my GPS is pretty accurate on speed, I still keep an eye on my wash, because on the main rivers I can throw up as much wash at 4mph going against wind and tide than I do flat out across Breydon, So I'd still recommend a handheld GPS, but like you use your eyes as well, it's not about speed it's about the wash you create in my book,,, cheers

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Hi everyone ,

Thanks for your info on this , Rod I know nothing will give really accurate speed on water at low speeds, We spend most of the time on the river being overtaken and some times undertaken so guess we mus be some where near the porper speed and always keep an eye on our wash. However thought it would be usefull to have someting else to go on but there is so many options that I thought I would ask for other peoples experience. The Garmin etTrex H was on my list also looked at the eTrex Hcx but reveiws on Amozon are not so good? :Stinky

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I have sat nav and a indic8tor speed camera detector in the car. both use gps and both give the same speed but the indic8tor is more visable and you can set a max speed which it will beep when you go over. You can also mark locations (speed cameras) and will be given a count down each time you approch them :naughty: I bought this bit of kit of ebay for about £35 a lot cheeper than handheld gps and it came with cig lighter plug and mag dash mount. Indic8tor is the name not some text talk if you want to search.

Jonathan :Stinky

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Hi Sandy & Bob

We have a Garmin GPS72, it is nothing flash but suits our needs on the Broads. I mainly got it for it's large speed display and it's trip functions, although you also have compass, map and waypoint functions. You can also purchase it with a marine kit that includes a robust fixing bracket and cigar lighter type power lead which avoids burning out batteries.

As far as accuracy of speed goes It is reliable enough for the BA Rangers as they use these as there main speedo.



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