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Shore Power - Not Sure !

Guest Nigel&Julie

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Hi All,

Sorry if this is a daft question, but being fairly knew to boat ownership, we have 240v shore power, but know very little about how it works.

Once plugged in, does / can the shore power take over the charging of the boat batteries, and therefore enable everything to be run without the need to keep starting the engines every so often, or would that be too much risk of flattening the boat's batteries ?

If so, how can I find out if the shore power is replacing all the boat's 12v power?


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Hi Nigel

It all depends if you have an onboard mains charging system. If you are unsure, most boat yards would be able to advise you.

We have a Sterling 20 amp charging systems that charges 3 seperate banks of batteries, although currently it is only connected to 2 banks. As soon as we connect to shore power the Sterling charger takes over and keeps the batteries in peak condition. When we leave the boat for any period of time the batteries are continually being monitored and trickle charged as required.

When on shore power we tend to use direct mains for TV, kettle, Microwave, Lighting etc.. although, with the charger on we can still run all 12 volts systems without the need to run the engine to charge the batteries. Our fridge is 12 volt only and we tend to leave it on most of the time knowing the charging system can handle the current drain without any affect on the batteries.

Hope this helps



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Hi Nigel,

Plenty of good advice from Col there, I also have a Sterling charger onboard servicing 3 Batteries and have to say it works brillianty! The other perk of having Shorepower is you can fit a emersion heater element to your calorifier (Most makes already have a blanking panel ready to accept one) Then you get hot water without running the engine too cheersbar

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Brilliant chaps - thanks very much for the advice. I will have to get looking into what I do have, and seek advice from my nearest boatyard. we moor at Broadsedge - I guess Moonfleet or Sutton Boatyard would be good places to start..?

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