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Cooker wanted.


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If you have the space for a full size cooker, then you can get decent value LPG cookers online.


Here is an Indesit 50cm width one complete with flame failure device for £295.00 from Tesco.


Link: http://www.tesco.com/direct/indesit-it50lw-white-lpg-gas-cooker-single-oven-50cm/734-4643.prd?pageLevel=&skuId=734-4643&ui=mercury&sc_cmp=pcp_GSF_Large%20Appliances_734-4643kpid=734-4643&sc_cmp=ppc_g__&kpid=734-4643&gclid=CPyMr9y99cACFbPJtAodGjQAag


Or for £200.00 a Flav el branded cooker over at AO.com (you'd need the LPG conversion kit not included however)


Link: http://ao.com/product/FSBG51S-Flavel-Gas-Cooker-Silver-26378-1.aspx?&WT.z_PT=MDA&WT.z_MT=Search&WT.z_RTM=PLA&WT.z_DT=c&WT.z_AT=Cookers&WT.z_BR=Flavel&WT.z_FT=Free%20Standing&WT.z_PC=FSBG51S_SI&WT.srch=1&disableredirect=1


Just some food for thought...

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cheers.  She's a rag 'n stick, so a free standing job is no good.  Something like the spinflo is what is needed, but I'd like 'pre owned' if possible. To be honest, I'd rather spend money on rig etc. :razz:  The BSS isn't due for a couple of years yet, it's something I know I shall probably have to address before then.

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Its best to just be careful with 'new' cookers that are not sold via the 'marine industry'.... I spent many years looking at various cookers trying to find free standing replacements that were built for the 'old style kitchen' i.e. 50cm wide x 50cm deep......


Several are available...., however the warranty/hand books can sometimes state that they are NOT suitable for 'marine use' or 'use for below ground  level'........ This can be a big problem regards Boat safety, GAS SAFE and RCD etc etc. So always check with supplier.      


Unfortunately modern day houses opted for 60cm x 60cm or 'built in' cookers, so the old boats which were designed with slim i.e. 50cm galleys have become problem to find good quality replacements.


SMEV, Spinflo & Stoves are all decent makes however several of the old 'brands' we once knew are all now owned by only one or two big companies......  

Personally i would only suggest new unless you know the history, plus also make sure the cooker/system is fully tested after its fitted etc. 




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The simplicity of the Origo range always appeals to me with no gas to worry about. The downside is about twice as long to make a cup of tea and about £1000 for the 6000 model with two rings and an oven.

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Jason speaks a lot of sense here.


Sadly, as the freestanding option is not open to you, you have little choice but to plump for a marine cooker and, given the eyewatering prices common in this market, it's not at all surprising that you would seek to go for a used one.


There are some decent deals to be had, but you can never ignore the fact that these pressed bits of thin stainless steel complete with parts that often feel flimsier than a flimsy thing from flimsy city, are hellishly overpriced. Just don't say you want a fridge too!

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Agree with others about getting household ones or second hand.. Norfolk marine do have a good full range to inspect .. This maybe interesting.. we discussed or cooker in some detail here (). We settled on a Dometic moonlight in the end (About £400).. cheers  

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