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Hi all! :)


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Just wanted to wish you all a good morning and thank you for letting us join the forum. We have recently got back on line after a fairly long break due to computer issues and were trawling through Broads related "goodies" in preparation for our holiday starting on the 4th October when we found you. 


Hope you won't mind us lurking in the background, we do belong to other forums and recognise some of the names on here. We just enjoy soaking up the knowledge from people lucky enough to live in or have regular contact with all things "Broadland".


Nice to meet you all.  :smile:

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Many thanks for the warm welcome.  :smile:


Deebee29, I hope your week drags for you, and it flies for us - we can't wait!  :grin:


Hockham Admiral, we pick our boat up from Acle (Bridgecraft). Having looked at the tides, we're hoping to get on early and head across Breydon and spend our first week on the Southern side.

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We were with Bridgecraft back in April on Forth Bridge 1 and I have to say they are a great yard

Really friendly & helpful.

The boat was ready early and although not a new boat was spotlessly clean and well looked after.

I'm sure you will have a great time


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Thank you for the welcome littlesprite. We found a week wasn't enough, so have two weeks now - its great at the end of the first week, knowing we still have another one to go!  :)


Deebee29, this will be our 10th year with Bridgecraft, we haven't tried any of the other boatyards as we've been so happy here and never had any problems. For the past 8 years (I think!) we've had the same boat - Conway2.


The "Norfolk Box" has come out ready to be checked and anything missing replaced ie batteries for the torches etc.  :D

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Hope you have a brilliant holiday afloat, and that you you will let us know how you get on. I am also new to this forum but do know the people on here like a name from posters it makes it so much more friendly, so when you are comfortable with the site let us know a little more.



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That's no problem, Ron, as newbies we just didn't want to come across as too informal too soon and risk offending anyone.


Marjul is made up from the two of us - Mark and Julie. I(Julie), will probably do most of the posting, but I will ensure that whichever of us is posting, we sign off with our name. 


We have learned to be organised Iain, if only to save dashing to Lathams or Roys and buying the same items year on year. We found we had accumulated a fair supply of half pint glasses, veg peelers and veg knives at home, which never seemed to make it back to Norfolk!  :grin:   


Best wishes


:Stinky Julie  Fish1

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Glad we're not the only ones to have a "Norfolk Box" too!  :grin:


We'll have a look to see if anyone is still at WRC  as we pass, John and Mary Jane. We have stopped there in the past for showers and the shop. Enjoy your meal and meet up.


If anyone spots us on Conway 2, please feel free to say come and say hello or wave as we pass, we're quite sociable, fully house trained and usually have the kettle on the go, or something stronger if its not been polished off! :smile: 


Have a great holiday David - we're counting down the hours now!  :smile:

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