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Water Pumps

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OK! I need help again, my new boat has one of those triangular flexible bladder tanks on it, can I use it with a pressurised Jabsco Par-Max 1.9 Freshwater Pump??? The pump on it now is just a normal caravan type pump that works via a switch, I intent to try and fit a rigid tank sometime in the future so I don't really want to end up buying two pumps,, Frank,,,,

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Thanks Diesel, I did think it would work but needed a second opinion, if it works OK I might just replace the flexi tank as it's out of the way and I was surprised how cheap they are, at £70 I could even afford to replace it every couple of years, it's only 120 litres but as we have no hot water it should last ok, I did want to fit a calorifier but the boss says "whats wrong with just boiling the kettle?"



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Hi, if your flexible tank is a Plastimo one, you can expect a life of around 5-7 years before the seam splits. My experience below, is based on this type of tank.

I always suggest to people that they fit some pond liner under the tank to collect the water "WHEN" it leaks.

Also a water detector is a good idea, as these tanks quietly leak filling the bilge and surrounding area.

Using a pressure pump is fine on the outlet of these tanks.

Mine is a Shureflow on demand, triple headed diaphragm pump, 10 litre per min, 30 psi, that feeds a Paloma MkV water heater and works fine with a shower too.

The secret of these flexible tanks is to ensure that the filler seals well, as the operation relies on no venting, the tank collapses when operating and virtually all the water in the tank can be used.

Avoid harsh chemicals like bleach, as this can harden the inner liner, and shorten the life.

Diluted white vinegar can be used for cleaning the tank.

If it is a plastimo tank, the inner bladders can be easily replaced at around half the price of a complete tank.

Hope it helps.

best regards,


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Thanks Richard! that is my one fear with flexies, the thought of 120 litres of water flowing through the boat scares me, mine in the front under the bunks, some how they managed to get it in and connect it all through a six inch hole, I'm going to make a bigger access hole, then hopefully I'll be able to make a water tight bulkhead and fit a small bilge pump in there just in case, I'll still look at fitting rigid tanks under the cockpit floor, I think I may be able to fit two smallish ones and link them together, twice the price but I'll feel safer,



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