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Hi Lori, I'm curious.. how did you find out about this? can you see how they are the "policing" this? I wouldn't want to get half way across to be told it's closed and I have to turn back (although in all fairness I'm never normally up early enough to see fog in norfolk!).. Hope it clears quickly for you as to not affect your trip too much .. (Bet it's even more pretty up there with fog).

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Even closed to private boats with radar and chart plotters? Not that I would wish to attempt it despite having the ability & equipment to be able to navigate at sea.


My thoughts too Peter.


When visibility is down to less than the distance between two posts, I guess very few people could navigate the channel safely without modern Nav Aids.


Even Arthur Ransome incorporated a fictional grounding in Coot Club back in the 1930's so it must have been an occasional occurrence then.


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Hi jawsorca , the reason i know ir's closed is because we were down at yarmouth, as we had to go back because of our engine prob.lori


Geez that does look thick.. did the BA chaps there tell you you can't cross Breydon as it's closed?


Sorry to hear about the boat have they managed to fix it for you?

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Just returned home a couple of hours ago.

We moored at Stracy Arms on the Sunday planning to cross on the monday but when we got up we couldn't see a hand in front of us.

We decided that it wasn't worth trailing down to Yarmouth knowing that it would be closed (to hire boats at least) so changed our plans and stayed north.

We did see plenty of boats tanking it down at full throttle all the same.

Monday was the only dull/damp day, the rest of the week has been fantastic, tee shirt & shorts weather, even able to sit outside pubs in the evenings.

I will write the week up later


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