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New Dads Army Film


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I heard about this several months ago and knew that Bill Nighy would be playing Sgt Wilson, but its a bit brave of all the actors to take on the roles of such beloved characters. Here's the cast.


Talking of brave and Dad's Army there was also a brilliant Radio 4 programme on Arnold Ridley I think this year. The episode of Dads Army where he was the conscientious objector has always stuck in my mind as one with the most sentiment. In real life Arnold Ridley was an incredibly brave man having served in both first and second world wars apparently after being invalided out of the second world war and joining the Real Home Guard he was blown up by an enemy aircraft landing in a tree. Here's the wiki on him.

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Thanks Timbo

Hadn't heard about this

Looks like a very good cast. It is very brave to take on such a classic

I can still watch the originals and howl with laughter even though I know whats coming next.

I just hope the writers handle it carefully


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Of cause it's being filmed in Yorkshire! The plot is that it is the end of the War so the Home Gaurd are  defending the base at Dover where soldiers and supplies are being shipped to the Normandy landing sites. Thetford looks nothing like Dovers White Cliffs but Yorkshire.. QED


Dave cheersbar

I thought it was common knowledge that Norfolk was annexed by Yorkshire in the early 1970's?  There's small colonies of hen pecked, whippet trailing Mesters all over the Broads (northern section of course) particularly in the Wetshed at Stalham...and of course there's the official Yorkshire Colonial Office based at Wayford Bridge! 

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Our local radio tells us it is due to be filmed around the Bridlington area which is only about 30 miles from where I live.


The high white cliff face at Flamborough Head will obviously be the alternative for Dover.


I am led to believe that a lot of locals are quite excited about the idea.

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Certain remakes work, for example, the Pierce Brosnan version of the "Thomas Crown affair" was better than the original, in my opinion, but also others that didn't work, like "The Italian Job"

There have also been that many Robin Hoods and Sherlock Holmes over the years, I have lost count, for these it wouldn't matter.

The remake of James Bond's Casino Royale works better than the David Niven version.

What these have in common, is that there are only a few characters that influence the film.

With Dad's Army, there are many characters, each with their own individal characters, if they try to use the catch phrases it will probably fail.

If you hear the catch phrase you immediately know the character...

You stupid boy.

Is that wise?

You're living in the realms of fantasy Jones.

Well I have the boxed set of the original "Dad's Army" it doesn't date. I can watch them time and time again.

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Whilst I take your point Viking, I disagree. I think it will be essential to include the very catchphrases you mention if it is to succeed in being a follow-on film.

I think there will be enough opportunities for the cast to put their own 'take' on things but the characters and their catchphrases are synonymous.

I am more concerned about the writer and director as I have not liked what I've seen of their works in those capacities.

In my less than humble opinion I find Johnny English inane though not as dire as the re-working of St Trinians. I won't even start to say what I think of 'Mr Bean'.

There was a kindness in all the characters in Dads Army that made the series work. This was David Croft's and Jimmy Perry's trade mark. It is this which I fear will be lost!

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I read this in yesterday's Telegraph and thought the cast would do a good job of impersonating the original, that being the obvious intent by casting such like for like actors in each role. It will be more a case of Bill Nighy playing John Le Mesurier playing Sgt Wilson, and so on. That may not be a bad thing. What will be vital is the standard of the writing, Croft and Perry cannot be imitated, and I fear as has been said earlier this may turn into a storyless nostalgia trip. A bit like the Monty Python O2 gigs recently.


As for it being produced in Yorkshire, it's about time something decent came out of the place, so let's keep our fingers crossed! :naughty:

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  • 5 years later...

Well I am brousing back.

 Arthur Lowe the original Capt. Mainwaring was the owner of a boat that after my No1 all time favourite Tommy Sopwith's J class Endeavour is probably my No2, the Victorian yacht Amazon.

I remember reading an article in Classic Boat quite a few years ago about how he bought her for a couple of grand in the late sixties with the view of making her into a very grand 100+ft Houseboat on The Thames.  However on receiving the survey and speaking to other experts it was realised that she was in such good condition that it would not require too much effort or money to ready her for Sea. I think it took about two years and she sailed in 1971. He and his wife used her as their home all along the South Coast and further afield as they made appearances.

After his death in the early eighties the vessel paseed to his son who ran charter on her for a few years. I also remember a piece in one of the boating mags of her doing the classic crossing Canaries to Cape Verde islands then over to the Caribbean, Bermuda, and the US East Coast.

Of all the worlds listed Classic Yachts I believe she is the oldest.


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