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Richardson's 2015 Brochure

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Richardson’s 2015 Brochure

Hi Clive,

Just spent an enjoyable hour going through the 2015 brochure and found a few anomalies which might confuse some newbies. They are listed below:-


PAGE 27, Moon Adventure, Description - 1 bedroom, Plan – 2 bedrooms

           28, Crystal Horizon, Will not pass under too many bridges. 6ft 9in.

           31, Western Horizon, No salon bed shown in plan

            37, Serene Gem, No salon bed shown in plan

          53, Monarch, Will not pass under Wroxham???


Maybe there are more that I missed, but I enjoyed and it lets me get closer to the broads.



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I picked up my copy in Richardsons reception on Tuesday. I'd seen the pdf version but always like the old-fashioned paper one. Its a really good brochure once again being informative and with good photography. Its heaps better than Hoseasons latest which for reasons I can't fathom doesn't show Richardsons full boat choice, even though it does so for all other yards.

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I must admit I looked at Richardsons catalog and "Wyndam Vacations (UK)" one and Richardsons one looked better (It even seemed to sell the broads better on the first few pages)! If i remember correctly Richardsons one even had more pages than the other for broads boats.. Plus the strange reduction in Richardsons boats which from what I remember where once a large (and proud part) of the hoseasons brochure. 


Does make you wonder why Richardsons stick with hoseasons... surely the Richardsons brand is big enough to go it alone?!

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Quite right Jonzo. The Hoseasons Starboard classification, for the second year running, is exclusive to boats based at Brundall. Not only are Richardsons top boats not included but neither is any belonging to Faircraft or Barnes. All very weird. Yet Hoseasons would have us believe we should book 'direct' with them. Hmm. I don't think I'll bother somehow. Rant over.

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  • 3 months later...

We booked our first Broads Holiday, early this month for a week in April 2015, through Hoseason's because we happened to have been sent their brochure. We were not aware of any individual boat operators and thought booking through Hoseason's was the way to go. We chose Star Gem from Richardson's, being a one level boat, we thought that would suit us being pensioners. However, since we joined the NBN Forum, we are a little bit wiser and now realise that there are a good choice of Hirer's to choose from, where you can book direct. Not sure whether by booking through Hoseason's is any cheaper than booking with Richardson's direct, but we were happy with the price, so went ahead anyway, and booked.


Since then we have now booked a second holiday for 1 week starting late September, but this time we have booked direct with Brinkcraft at Wroxham. For this holiday, we chose one of their three Topliner boats, again being a one level boat with a nice after sun deck area.


It seems that Hoseason's don't do bookings for any other operator on the Broads, other than Richardson's, hence, us booking a Richardson's boat..

I am in no way saying that we won't consider Richardson's in the future, its just the fact that at the time, we didn't know of any other way of booking a Broads holiday. but if we do, I will book it direct and not book through Hoseasons.


At least we now have all the information about all the boat hirer's. We didn't realise there were so many, until we joined the NBN Forum  

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Sorry Geoff and Wendy but that is not right. Hoseasons book all of the following boatyards backed up by their price guarantee that if you find it cheaper direct they will refund the difference - you need to read the conditions on the home page to see what they mean by this. 


Alphacraft of Brundall, Barnes Brinkcraft of Wroxham, Bridgecraft of Acle, Brooms of Brundall, Faircraft Loynes in Wroxham, Horizon Craft in Acle, Richardsons of Stalham, Royalls of Wroxham, Sandersons of Reedham, Silverline Marine in Brundall, Summercraft of Wroxham,  and Swancraft of Brundall


I was led to believe that the reason why not all of Richardson's boats were in the Hoseasons brochure was down to the boatyard. Perhaps less cost to publish and most people book on-line anyway.




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Of course there are other little things you can get booking direct with a boatyard such as loyalty schemes - so you pay the same price but get a little something for saving the operator a commission being paid for your booking.

I find it interesting how varied the different boatyards go about their own 'marketing' from brochures, websites and the like. 


Richardson's is actually pretty simple,  Herbert Woods on the other hand seem to be going for much more complex affair - being able to manage your booking online is a curious addition,  I for one have never needed to manage anything after I have booked other than my excitement as the days pass to going.


There are of course boatyards who get all their business either through repeating bookings directly (e.g. being phoned up and booked) or through Hoseasons - take Bridgecraft at Acle so it goes to show even in 2015 not having a  website and Twitter and Facebook does not stop you running a business hiring boats.

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Hi Geoff and Wendy.

Just to follow on from Robin's point about loyalty schemes, the Richardsons one is fantastic if you're a serial hired like me (and only available when you book direct). For the first 5 holidays you book (over any length of time) you accrue 10% of the cost of each and then the total is deducted from holiday number 6. Another great deal they do is 20% off your second holiday in the same year as long as it's not peak season. Hence I have 2 Richardsons holidays this year!

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