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The Right Photo Scanner

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With all the recent activity on the forum, in the Now & Then thread, and others alike, where you are all converting old photo's into digital images. I thought it a good idea to go out and purchase a photo scanner. There are so many on the market it is very difficult to choose.

With the wealth of experience, we have on this site, can anyone give me an idea on specs, makes, models, etc.. I should be looking at. I would mainly just be scanning either old photo's or negatives, if I still have them. It is only for personal use so I am not looking for anything to expensive, although reasonable quality is essential.

Is it also possible to convert pictures from Super 8 cine film into a digital image. by that I mean take out singular pictures.

Your advice and experience on such scanners would be much appreciated.

You never know, I might even post up my child hood pictures from the broads. :-D

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If you're serious get dedicated 35mm / slide scanner but they don't come cheap. Prices start at around £300 and rise (sharply) from there. Digital ICE also comes at a price but as the owner of a £300 scanner without it I'd say pay the extra. If £500 or so is too much then do what I did and get a unit without Digital ICE - it'll still be heaps better than a flatbed. I use a Minolta ScanDual III but I wouldn't recommend it as I've found it to be a temperamental bugger and it's been repaired at least twice though admittedly the second repair was only necessary to fix the cockup made in the first repair. Flatbeds have their uses, but scanning film and slides is not one of them and besides the flatbeds which are adapted for any form of transparency scanning are a good deal more than their simple printed media scanning siblings. I could have bought at least two of my little Canon flatbed for less than the cost of repairing the Minolta, much less buying it in the first place!

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