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guess the location


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Hi Clive

this is way left field as i have no idea what or where it could be but my guess would be the what is now broads museum or might have been then i don't know just a guess :-D

Jonny ice slice

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Crikey Terry, cant put much past you! I think the boats gave it away,

I just noticed you got the middle boat spot on!

I recon the year was about 1955, this 'New shed' was built then and I assume that is the reason the picture was taken.

there were 9 yards and 1 house between the Wherry and the railway/road, Now just houses and a pub!

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Hi, this is strange but as I was on the computer last night I saw a TV clip out of the corner of my eye, I thught it was Oulton Broad, so at work today I checked BBC iplayer, http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00drtpj/Ian_Hislop_Goes_off_the_Rails/

if you look between 29.40 mins and 30 mins there is a shot of OB in colour from what I think is the 50s not many painted hulls!

It shows the reverse of the picture at the top of the page, hope you find this of interest.

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Well spotted - I'm sure I watched that weeks back when it was shown on BBC9 or whatever digital station it might have been but didn't cotton on to that at all. I wonder if someone can freeze frame it and identify the boats? :lol:

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Hi Plesbit,

I tried pausing it but they are a bit blurred, Dad did not recognise any so he thought it may have been after he sold in '58, also he had 33 boats moored from both sides of the river (he had Parkers old yard which he sold to Hamptons) That was a reason he moved as people complained about the narrow gap he left down the middle.

I said they were probably out on hire and the boats on site were visiting?

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Hi Clive and Plesbit

Fasinating programme...Yery interesting, as am also, or should say was a very keen railway anorak. Steam was my thing until we arrived at Stalham in 62!

I then became a boating nut...specialist subject-cruisers...However after studying that vital 20secs of film I too have had to give best on identifying the boats in shot...for the present anyway!

Will have a more in-depth look tomorrow night after work when a bit more time available...This gets interesting, when one picture (as posted by Clive) opens up so much information about a particular place/people from days gone-by.

All the Best...Terry B :Stinky

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