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Falcon/Quayline 22/23 Owner's Manual / Wiring diagram

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Just bought a winter project and are looking for some information, does anyone out there have a manual/wiring diagram for the falcon boats?

And had anybody replaced the top windshield? and are sitting on manufacturing drawings for the aluminium frame-work, would that be super!



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hi in all probability one of these would have made windscreen frames for falcon,s as they are local to the factory, you can drop them an email...you never know.

As for the wiring, you,ll find that most boats would have been bespoke, because of the different engine/trim packages.

If you are fitting a  new engine, you should be able to get an instrument package for that engine, not so important on say a small outboard,


these people may have supplied falcon as this style of panel is fitted to my falcon......http://www.brianwards.co.uk/b-w-products/panels/pump-nav-lights-panel-140x90mm.html

worth asking?

good luck :wave

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hello sir ,look out for the v8 diesel make sure its a gooden 



i take  it is the gm 6.2/6.5 turbo or non ie     n/a or ?????


they like to rev but do tend to blow them selfs to pieces 


not heavey enough flywheel amongst other stuff 



rev very easily .....................make sure load is correct on prop keep revs down .....



test befor yer fitt 



look closely ............................watch them starter on them get correct one too many have the petrol one fitted and its a bit weak 



nice boat ..............................enjoy it good luck .......................




opsssssssssssss forgot ............................hello

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Hi Mathias,


I can probably find out who made the original screens for the Falcon range but this would go back to 1984 onwards. We had our old port and starboard windows replaced and I'm sure this was done by a local marine glazing company in Brundall.  All the local Falcon 22 and 23 models that I have seen have the same arrangement as ours so it looks like they were using the same design/company for quite some time.


I remember being given a guided tour of the Quayline 245 you own and I don't think the builder had fitted any screens if I remember correctly?  

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Oh I forgot to mention that Trev (diesel Falcon) is more than likely close suggesting Trend were involved at the time.  When we replaced our fender rubber in 2004, they were the only company that could supply the perfect fit! 

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Tanks for all the answers.

I think it's the top windshield has the same setup as falcons, my problem is to know. Or take a chance and order a set of frames, test it and then add glass. That's why I'm trying to get some drawings of the windshield. With some dimensions on it. :)

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