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Nikon at war

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The arrival of the new Nikon D3x seems to have set alight to the Nikon forums at DPReview - yikes!

http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/readf ... d=30212788

That is but one thread. I reckon more than 50% of threads started in the last few days have been discussing the same issue and most of them far less rationally than this one! And even though this one may be a bit calmer than the others it still illustrates how much time and effort people are devoting to thinking about and writing about this issue even though the camera is probably completely inappropriate for the majority of those savaging / praising it.

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There's an interesting article by Michael Reichmann where he explains why he cancelled his order for the D3X - here: http://www.luminous-landscape.com/whatsnew/

And another well thought out and articulated one by Thom Hogan here: http://www.bythom.com/nikond3xcomments.htm

My own view is that they will sell few D3Xs, but far larger numbers of the "D700x" or whatever they call it when they put the D3X sensor in the D700 body. They have to do this quickly to take market share from the Canon 5dII, and they are already toled up for it (because if the new sensor will fit in the D3 body, which it does, it will also fit straight into the D700 body).


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Some unhappy bunnies there. It does seem like Nikon is firing shots into the ground and the likelihood is that sooner or later one will lodge in a foot. If they release the supposed D700x at a price competing with the 5DII / a900 then be providing serious competition to their own product. It might stop people from switching systems but directly at a cost to its own flagship model. Nikon must be aware of the furore. Rushing out a D700x could really damage the D3x sales, failing to do so and leaving people hanging could see people switching systems (if you believe they will). Reducing the price looks like the best option but even then their faces will not remain entirely egg-free. Or they could do nothing, of course, and hope that the likes of the reviewers you mention and the hoards of screaming forumites aren't really important in the grand scheme of things.

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Not being a Nikon user or likely to switch due to my Canon fit lenses I can't make a meaningful comment on the Nikon range.

What I am keen to see is the results from the high pixel count models now starting to appear in the Prosumer market.

I am interested to see if an increase in pixel count is going to have any detrimental effects e.g. noise certainly the Canon G10 (not in the same league I accept) is much more noisy than the G9 it replaced, this has a higher pixel count.

I wonder if we are starting to reach the limit of usable pixel count for the prosumer camera's and if the heady rush to higher pixel counts is not detrimental to overall image quality.

The Sony A900 is out and the Canon 5d mk11 is just starting to reach mortals so we should see some feedback on both these in detail the next few weeks but unless the quality is stunning my money if I was buying today today would be on a 1d Mk111

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You're a brave man - a 1DIII indeed!

To me the 5DII would be the logical upgrade path for you as the a900 would be for me - if I had the inclination.

I think we are seeing the limits of max resolution being reached with the APS-C sensors looking at about 15MP and the FF probably around 28MP. Not only that but at 21/24MP both Canon and Sony users are finding that the lenses are also being pushed to the limits. Doubtless Nikon users are on the verge of finding the same thing. It doesn't really matter how many MP the sensor has if the glass limits what it can see.

Inevitably noise also rises - the laws of physics dictate what will happen in terms of the signal/noise ratio with smaller and more heavily clustered photocells. I am sure the means of dealing with that will evolve over time and / or other technologies will develop. Look at computer CPU's - once processor speeds starting reaching much beyond 3Ghz the laws of physics started to intervene and prevent the ever upward advance in processor clock speeds we had got used to. But before long dual and quad core processors started to appear. There is always a way - well, usually anyway! ;)

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