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SYMPHONY from Richardsons


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xmas2 Hi everyone Merry Christmas . Has anyone ever hired Symphony from Richardsons. Is it as cosy and comfotable as it looks? Does it handle well and how good is the fish finder? Hoping to hire it for a week in 2009 and would like as much info as possible. Thanks in advance. JEFF Have a happy and safe 2009
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Hello Jeff

I've never hired her but I did have a look inside one (there's four in the class) not so long ago and it did look very comfy, perfect for two I would say, with all areas nicely proportioned.

All of the class has been stripped bare & refitted in recent years, so the interiors are of nice, and modern standard and the exterior is also a nice, mainly white colour scheme.

I'm sure you'd have a very comfortable holiday, though I've no idea how good the fish finder is... I guess if it's too amazing though it might take all the fun out of it! :naughty:

They would be ideal for us when we go, but I have a thing about armchairs on boats and prefer the settee's... much better for cosy evenings onboard with two of you I always think.... but that is just one (of far too many) of my personal opinions!

Go for it... you'd have a great time I'm sure


P.S I have some internal photos kicking about somewhere - will try & locate & upload later

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...I have a thing about armchairs on boats and prefer the settee's...


I'm with you on that one - it does look too much like a geriatric viewing platform in some old folks home conservatory - all it needs is a disinterested nurse to come wandering in holding a spoonful of nasty tasting medicine, and the image will be complete !! :naughty:

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Hmmm, I shall never look at Richardsons boats with armchairs in the same light again now!

I haven't hired Symphony but would echo Dan's comments. I have, however, hired Salerno that's also been refitted. It's identical on the outside but it's been fitted out as a 3-5 berth & I was impressed when I hired it in October 2007. It's also cheaper to hire & there are no armchairs!

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Hi Everyone

Yup, I agree - Nigel's done it now... that really has concreted my mindset... I think I'll have that image in my head now when I see them!

All the same, they seem to book very well, so I guess there is a good market/appeal to lots of couples..

All the best


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