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The XO Xmas break


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Hi all

Just starting to come back to reality.

We were lucky enough to spend Christmas and New Year on the boat - 23 Dec to 1 Jan. It was also our first ever Christmas alone... no kids, MIL's, extended family, etc.

We unfortunately both developed the flu virus, hubbie getting 'man flu' on Christmas Day :naughty: , and then myself catching a far more virulent, clearly mutated and much more worser strain of said 'man flu', just in time for New Year which is lingering on :naughty::naughty: .

So what did we do, where did we go... We purposely didn't have an itinerary, apart from Christmas Day, as what we wanted was plenty of slobby time to relax, which mainly involved good food, good booze and pretty good Christmas TV and lots of films with shortish cruises between.

We spent the 23rd and 24th at the marina.

Christmas Day, having opened our pressies (dog included), we set off for Somerleyton mid-morning, to have Christmas Lunch at the Duke's Head with our eldest son, who joined us there. This was a real treat, particularly for me, having cooked more Christmas lunches than I would admit to ;) . I have to say, I was very impressed that the food and the service was as excellent as always. I had half expected to find far more tables crammed in, not enough waiters, etc but it was the same number of tables as always with the same staff. The food was superb, mulled wine on arrival (which I have never liked) but was good and 2 glasses later.... Between the three of us, Winter Veg Broth and Game terrine as starters, all lovely. Norfolk Black Turkey to die for with Roasties, Pigs in Blankets and roasted veggies and the best turkey gravy I have ever tasted. Pudding, coffee and gorgeous hot home made mince pies.... I'm drooling writing this :grin: .

We came back to the boat to find the puppy can now jump on the cushions, reach the table and the storage areas behind the sofa and had taken the fur ball from one of snowmen santas hat, and had chewed the berries of one of the candle holders but hadn't managed to uncork his daddy's XO .... phew :dance. We then left our eldest son (who was working over Christmas) and motored up to Reedham for the night. Reedham looked very pretty with houses Christmas lights and no surprises we were the only boat moored. We hooked up to the broads point to allow us to sit on deck with an electric heater and watch the Christmas Day tv, walked the dog, and enjoyed cheese, pate, biscuits, etc later on.

Enough for now.

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JM, Hi

Coincidences! That must have been you overnight at the WRC moored next to us? We had a super time in the pub on NYE; not too many people but good music from the group and so very friendly faces.

Also GCM where we will be moored this year after we come out for the rest of the winter tomorrow (at GCM). We were there in 1985 for a while and have had much work carried out by Alan and his team over the years... a top-class marine workshop, I don't think you will find better on the East Coast.

Look forward to seeing you again in the Spring

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a top-class marine workshop, I don't think you will find better on the East Coast.

I would go along with that it is one of the regrets I have about leaving and heading down the coast, always trusted our ship to Alan and his team. If it was good enough for the RNLI then that was all the recommendation I needed.

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Hello Hockham Admiral

Sorry, I have only just spotted your and Perry's replies. Getting boating withdrawal symptoms at the moment, so was reading through the holiday tales!!

Yes, it was us and it did seem a good friendly crowd at WRC, I was just feeling so rotten with the man flu thingy, I just wanted my boat comforts :lol:

Our pride and joy is out at the moment while Adam services her and gets her ready for the BSC. He is getting plenty of constructive nagging to hurry things along :naughty::norty: , so we will no doubt see you very soon. Come and say hello.

We have to agree about Goodchilds, they are extremely helpful and are giving Adam lots of advice. He is struggling at the moment with bits of impeller which have shattered and ended up somewhere near the heat exchanger, deep joy :evil:

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Well winter blues with the weather we are having and boat withdrawal symptoms are hitting hard, I am bored, bored, bored......... so bored, I have added a bit more to our Christmas trip blog :lol:.

So if you are as bored as I am either find something interesting to read or fall asleep reading this!

Boxing Day arrived, cold but bright, I saw the morning as did Mercs, our puppy, but Adam with his man-flu didn’t surface until after 2pm looking like something out of a graveyard, poor thing :kiss . As a result, we were very naughty, staying at Reedham for another night :norty: . Lots of reading, Christmas TV, watching the sunset, good food and wine and he cracked open the XO (a Christmas pressie) which soon put some colour back in his cheeks and a spring in his step!post-445-136713485532_thumb.jpgpost-445-136713485613_thumb.jpg

27th, we set off late morning towards Norwich, our destination Bramerton, as we had never been this far up before. We moored at the pub and enjoyed a couple of drinks. The pub was very comfortable, real fires and plenty of people eating and the menu looked good for future visits! We then headed down to the public staithe so we could hook up and power up the extra heater. At dusk, we took Mercs for a walk and then settled down under the canopy on deck, nice and warm with the extra heater to enjoy yet again, good food, good wine and a tipple of XO. We had a lovely surprise though when there was a knock on the side of the boat and some locals let us know that they were going to be setting off fireworks and would go down to the other end of the staithe if that was OK with us, which it was….. we enjoyed over 30 mins of great fireworks, which was lovely, although Mercs didn’t agree and went downstairs to save his ears, bless.

28th, woke to a rowing team going up and down on the other side of the river. We mooched down to Brundall and moored up at Brooms. We then headed up to Budgens for supplies (more tissues and toilet rolls – man with man flu having depleted our supplies), giving Merks a good walk at the same time. We were rather undecided as to where to go and chose to be lazy, going back to Reedham for the evening. Adam was now starting to feel a little brighter, so after dinner, we took Merks over to the Lord Nelson for the evening. We had a lovely evening, great conversation. It was very quiet, just a few in there but all so friendly including the landlord and landlady who kept Merks supplied with loads of treats. We retired to Jupes feeling all was well with the world and rounded the evening off with a drop more XO!post-445-136713485915_thumb.jpg.

Anyway, if there are any takers for more to fall asleep too, it hots up on the 29th :oops: hehe!!!

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29th, a little embarrassing incident today! We decided to spend the night on the Goodchilds side of St Olave’s bridge as it is a stretch we haven’t visited before. We had a good run down from Reedham via Goodchilds, very cold, but bright and rather windy…… hmm!!! I was now starting to feel quite poorly (my excuse anyway). We spotted the public staithe and were heading into the wind and tide, Adam slowed down, went into neutral and I got ready with the stern rope – missed the first time, then hooked the duck (as I say!) but I hadn’t secured well enough and we lost it. So, back round again and this time I was determined and got a line on beautifully, or so I thought, but I had taken too long and the wind had caught the bow and even with the wheel turned to the mooring, the wind pushed the bow out until we had the perfect stern on mooring! At this point, the Broads Authority boat appeared……what timing….. the rope I had tied on had now completely jammed with the boat turning and we were stuck and very red-faced! :oops::oops: The guys very kindly took the bow rope and pulled us into the mooring. Thank you guys.

After we had recovered our dignity sufficiently, we walked Merks up to the Bell to see what they had on the menu and then introduced him to the Llamas at the place up the road, which he clearly enjoyed (bark, bark, bark) more than they did, he is only a puppy). So, having seen the menu at the Bell, which suited us and we haven’t been in here for a very long time, we left the dog, having moved fudge, choccies, etc away from harms reach. We had a very good meal in the Bell, and we would go back there again. I had Roast Turkey dinner with all the trimmings and it was very good and Adam choose two of their starters, mushrooms and thai prawns. We rolled back to Jupes feeling very full and happy, to find Merks was also feeling very full from the last of Tesco’s finest mince pies, he had got out of the box and scoffed, naughty puppy! XO finished the evening off beautifully, that and the lectures about tieing ropes properly! :roll:

30th, Grinchomatic is arriving, aka Lydia our youngest who had spent her first ever Christmas with her other family. So, we motor back to Goodchilds for our rendezvous at lunchtime. We moored at the front as we were only taking on water and a grinch! I was walking Merks along the front when she arrived with all her pressies in tow and everyone went mad, dog included at seeing each other again! Bags were sorted into, what she wanted or needed and what could be put in the car and after settling her in, we again decided to go up to Reedham as Lydia had not been to Reedham and wanted to go and feed all the ducks. We arrived to find another boat also moored (shock horror), we probably saw about 10 boats on the water over the whole Christmas period, but were able to plug in and get the extra heater going. We like to sit on deck rather than making use of the Eberspacher downstairs and this then gives grinch somewhere to lie and watch DVD’s on her laptop, etc. Merk walking exercises again and lots of duck feeding, good food, then over to the Lord Nelson where a group was playing. The place was absolutely heaving, standing room only and again another nice evening finished off with a rather nice cognac! Snore!!


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Super photo's.

I never tired of the warm colours on those reeds early in the morning, a very tranquil spot.


Thanks Perry.

Have to agree looking across to the reeds is very calming as is the noise the birds make on Breydon after dark.

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