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oil change

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Hi guys....virgin here! The SWMBO has finally got me on line!!!

Our first boat...as you know, and just about to take her out of the water and going to attempt to perform most of the servicing myself....

So you will all get lots of silly questions over the coming weeks!! :) hmmm so where exactly do i put this anode???

So.....the oil change looks quite easy for my first task...but....any good ideas of how to collect and safely dispose of the oil. are those electric suck out pumps any good that suck the oil through the dipstick thingy and what should I pump the old oil into?


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Hi Adam, first get yourself a suitable manual so you can see exaty what needs to be done and where all the bits are. Then get yourself a Pela oil extractor (the 650 should suit) to suck out the oil, most modern motors have an extraction point rather than having to suck it up through the dipstick tube, but if not the Pela will do that also. Do it before she comes out after a short run to warm the engines up. Let them cool down for tem minutes so the oil is not too hot but still easy to pump and also allow the oil to drain down into the sump. Obviously change the filters (there can be up to two on each engine, main & bypass) at the same time. All other service work can be done with the boat out of the water. Goodchild have a waste oil disposal point so no problem there. And never skimp on the quality of the oil and filters, always buy manufacturers own.

The reason I recommend the Pela is that it is also useful for sucking up all kinds of liquids from inaccessible areas on the boat so a multi purpose animal.


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I was slightly sceptical about Vacum Oil extractor pumps but can fully back David's advice after seeing his in use, they are very effective with no mess at all.

About the cheapest online I could find although any really good Chandelery 'should' have them.

http://www.amazon.co.uk/Vacuum-Extracto ... 174&sr=8-5

Not sure what year your engines are but have a look here for a PDF manual. Type A = 1994-1997 Type B = 1997 -2005

http://www.volvo.com/volvopenta/global/ ... search.htm

Hope it all goes well.

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