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Great deal on tripod & head

Guest plesbit

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Still trying to work out if this is a mistake.

Here you can buy the Manfrotto MN055XDB tripod for £107.61

http://www.warehouseexpress.com/product ... ku=1029083

Here you can buy the Manfrotto MN804RC2 three way head for £51.86

http://www.warehouseexpress.com/product ... ku=1012868

Or you here you can buy them as a package for £99.00

http://www.warehouseexpress.com/product ... ku=1023104

So let me get this straight - they give you an £8 discount for the inconvenience of having a head stuck on top of your tripod? A head with multi-direction spirit level and angle measurements on all adjustable planes. In the immortal words of BA Baracas I "pity the fool" who bought these two separately without seeing that offer. Oh wait, that's me! :roll::cry

Anyone thinking of changing their tripod any time soon, this might be the bargain of the year and if you're wondering what it looks like - well this (very nearly) the combination I was using on the December photo walk.

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Guest chriscraft

Sorry bought the whole lot on best offer of 106 pounds ,free postage,on that aution site :wave

just looked don,t think it,s same mine,s one of these MANFROTTO 055XB TRIPOD LEGS WITH MN804RC2 3 WAY PHOTO HEAD AND FREE 102 STRAP.

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I'm seriously considering never speaking to you again, any of you. Perhaps I should have called this thread "How NOT to bag yourself a bargain Pt II". ;):cry

I bought in their showroom and the special offer simply wasn't mentioned. Maybe it wasn't on at the time, I suppose. But yes to John, that is the head that I have. Well I assume I do - I don't actually know the model no of either tripod or head but I can remember the price I paid for each (guess that says something about me!) so I can find them on the site using that. The tripod is very slightly different as it's the XB (same as Trevor) not the XDB. Not really sure what the difference is. I guess that means Trevor and I were using the same tripod / head combination on the walk but I hadn't noticed - it's not really the sort of thing you pay any attention to, I just remember that one or two folks did express reservations about their tripods and an interest in moving on so when I saw the deal I thought I'd pass it on. As long as it holds the camera up! :lol:

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hi peeps

just wondered what your thoughts are on gorillapods

ive been looking on ebay to see what there all about and the price varies from £4 to £40

i dont think id fancy buying one from ebay as it might be a ringer that suffers from brewers droop

i could imagine that one of these with a shooting stick could be the best way to go for me


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Guess you don,t pay much atention to those sort of things!----i was using a 10quid tripod!!! :o:roll::):idea::wave

It's like I said - as long as it holds the camera up! I originally bought a much cheaper one (this one) which is, frankly, bloody marvellous and unbeatable value (well, except for a £10 one perhaps). The head alone (which is integrated and cannot be changed, but which can be bought separately for standard tripods) sells for nearly as much as the whole of that unit. The reason I later bought the more expensive one is not a very interesting story but suffice to say it suited me to have a second tripod and it made more sense not to buy an identical one.

Jill, I'm sorry but for some reason a gorilla pod makes me think of Sigourney Weaver. I have no idea what one is. :?

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That Manfrotto legs and head is a great bargain if anyone is still looking for a decent tripod.

Jill, I haven't used a Gorillapod, but a lot of photographers are very impressed. Simon, this is what they are: http://www.warehouseexpress.com/product/default.aspx?sku=1017697. Apparently they cling on to all sorts of things, and can even be a problem to prise off! You definitely don't want to end up with an auction site ripoff though. Not sure how it would work with a shooting stick, but I suspect it would be a pretty good combo. All set up for a good sit down after the photography.

Right, off to read my 5D Mk II manual now ... :)


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Simon, you are not alone!

I bought the MN190XPROB legs with the same head just before Christmas for about £130 from WE. They did have an offer on at the time, but it was a different head I seem to think.

I'm well happy with the legs I bought though, as they have the quick release clips, and also the centre column can be quickly laid over horizontal for straight up or down shooting.

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I'm going off all of you! :lol:

I hadn't noticed the PROB version at the time (have since) and I love the horizontal lay over - the would be sooooo useful for me. Grrrrr!!! :pirate

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