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Which Pub ... and when?


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Is it the Maltsters with the original M V Ranworth bar ? Certainly early eighties, because Watneys who bought the Norwich Brewery binned all real ale for a while in the 70,s before redemption came they were bought out and real ale was reintroduced around 1981?.


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Funnily enough I don’t think Sutton Staithe was ever Watney’s, in fact it was always an oasis for Adnams being only one of about 3 pubs on the broads selling real ale in the mid 70’s.

I think the date in Carol’s photo must be after 1982 and the Norwich Brewery closed in 1985, so I’ll have a stab at 1984.

Been racking my brains over the pub though, but Clive could be on the mark with the Swan.


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Oops! I've made a bit of a cock-up! :oops:

I labelled the picture as being 1986 .... following Howards bombshell that the Norwich Brewery closed in 1985, I have been back and double checked ..... donnygeoff had it right ... it was 1985! cheersbar:clap

It is not the Swan ... or the Maltsters ... you are all looking too far North!

Something else which I did find that might be of interest (to Howard at least! :naughty: ) is this website which has a history of Norwich Brewers. Wow .... the list of the smaller breweries prior to Watneys takeover in 1963 is incredible.... mind you .. there were quite a few major breweries too! There is also an historical breweries list which goes right back to the 1500s.



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Well done DG ! :clap

Thanks for the link Carol, very interesting, not seen that one before. Not written by a Watney’s fan obviously! I didn’t realise that Starlight was so weak, it could just about have been sold to children as a non beer! :o

Further South…I’ll have a guess at Coldham Hall.


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Ohh dear, my head is spinning trying to remember that far back. Firstly, that lady is familiar... from where!!!

Secondly, Carol your photo could indeed be 1986. Straining my brain cells now, as that web link says when Norwich brewery was closed they still produced Norwich Bitter (& Mild), if memory serves me right it was brewed Northampton way. Now I may be wrong but after they stopped brewing in Norwich they stopped brewing Castle Bitter, their 'real ale' and introduced Websters Yorkshire Bitter instead, as per the photo

Disclaimer: I am dragging the depth of my memory here so I am quite prepared to be corrected :grin:

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Hi Howard

I don't remember Starlight .... but it certainly was weak! It was nice to see a mention of Norwich's first micro brewery at the Golden Star. Before my time, but Kev remembers their beers with fondness!! (I was drinking in our local pubs at that time but was only 15/16 - Adnams of course, although I did like my Abbot at that time .... the landlady was quite happy to serve me at lunchtimes whilst I was still in school uniform! :o )

Back to the quiz ... it's not Coldham Hall.

And Jonny ... it's not the Bridge at Acle ... it's not The Berney Arms .... but .....

It also is not The Fishermans! :)

Unfortunatley Lab there is no date on the article that this picture came from ... it is a folder marked 1986/87 ... but there are other articles which do have dates of 1985. I cannot be 100% certain, so I will give that one to geoff as he was close enough!

The lady in question had been the landlady of the pub we are looking for for 28 years ..... the flowers around the bar were due to the fact that she was retiring!

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