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Broadsventure XII back


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Jonny, this is being put up a bit early for you as you like resto's :)

As a bit of a recap...........

Broadsventure 12 reg T495. built By R. Richardson (pleasurecraft) Ltd. in Stalham, in 'The dinghey hanger' 1964 by Billy Webster.

Sold out of the hire fleet roughly 1984. whereabouts unknown ultil 1994 she was reposessed as a bad debt in a poor state, engine removed an prepared for the bonfire. the last owner saved her, named her Phoenix but the reg had been given to another boat, he replaced lots of wood in her and lived on her for the next 13 years maintaining her well until he decided he did not want the hastle of a wooden boat anymore! Along came me searching for a Richardsons 42 footer, I found a good one and a bad one, unusually for me I did pick the good one but there is some work needed......

The first job is to get the engine and tanks out, not a big job so it was done this afternoon. The engine is to be replaced as it is a BMC 2.2, not a bad engine but increacingly difficult to get spares for and the water pump has gone, this engine will itself be used as spares now as we are often asked for things everybody elce has long since thrown away. A BMC 2.5 is going in for now as that was the original engine and we have a good one with a prm gearbox being removed from a Ultimate Gem! (they are also more fuel efficient tham modern engines!). There is also a cracked frame under the engine which needs replacing.

The tanks are being replaced as they look about ready for replacement also the price of stainless is good at the moment and we make our own tanks :grin: there may be a bit of a wait before any more work is done as the hirefleet and private work takes priority.post-503-136713477098_thumb.jpgpost-503-136713477166_thumb.jpg



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yeah, once that contraption of a wheelhouse is removed she will look a whole lot better, also the photo makes the cabin sides look better than they really are and the other side faced the sun for 13 years and is not as good.

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Jonny the water tank starts at the top of the pic and disappears off the photo! The rest of the pic is the bilge cheersbar

I was looking for the tank lol though it had already been taken out so dint realy notice :D:D:D

Jonny ice sliceice sliceice sliceice slice

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Jonny, in the picture the tank is still in place, the bottom half of the pic is the bilge with the weed filter and the top half is the galvenised/rusty water tank.

I will post a pic tomorrow with it removed.

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Hi Clive,

Just come to this thread.

She does look a beauty, bet she will be one of the nicest on the river when done.


ps, is that San Pedro behind.

cheersbar I hope she turns out nice, there are a few really special boats out there, in fantastic original condition, my boat has had the aft end opened out so is not going to be original but I dont want a 10 berth so she suits me fine, I just want to get out on her.

Donnygeoff you are eagle eyed, ;)


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this pic just shows the water tank removed, not that interesting really, the removed engine and removed diesel tank look basically the same as the original but with the bits missing!!

everything has now been steam cleaned and scrubbed including the bilges in the aft ready for painting out but will probably wait now until spring when there should be a bit more time...

I may try and squeeze little jobs in here and there unnoticed, please dont tell the boss :)


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Hi Clive

I only just caught up with this thread of yours. I have to confess I have never been on a Richardsons boat, I don't know why I always rather liked the older ones Merlin Minstrel etc. Good luck with your restoration. I really envy you having your knowledge and resources at your finger tips. The final finish on the hull, will it be stain or gloss finish varnish; Come to that what was origonal ?

As you might guess we have had to call a halt for a while, we are all too old to work outside in

these conditions. cheers

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I dont have the knowledge, but I do have it at my fingertips and yes having the resourses saves time, money and injury. I sometimes hear of how much has been spent on DIY jobs and wonder why they did not just give the job to us to do quicker cheaper and better, but there is the enjoyment factor and satisfaction in doing it yourself also as in your case as far as I can see there is nothing wrong with the quality.

this page on Craigs database is my favorite ;)http://www.horning.org.uk/stylegallery. ... ichardsons

The original finish was shiney varnish as it will be again, the previous owner used 'sikkens'? it worked well for him as she lived outside and it seemed to be lower maintenance.

I agree, there is nothing like cold fingers to slow progress down, I suppose you have already polished all the shiney bits ready to go back on. roll on summer, apparently this year is to be one of the hottest 5 since records began, but they did say something similar last year.

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not an overly exciting post but out with the old BMC 2.2 engine and nasty TMP gearbox and the replacement BMC 2.5 and PRM gearbox waiting to be cleaned up, sprayed and a chrome rocker cover put on :grin: before being re fitted.

the old TMP gearbox output is directly in line with the old engine whereas the PRM outpt is lower. this is an easy problem to sort as the new engine isolators will raise the engine up enough, added bonus is that there is space under the wheelhouse floor.

the other difference is that the old engine was keel cooled and the 2.5 has a heat exchanger, the disused keel cooler will be removed and hull planking replaced where the holes are.

No prizes for guessing where the 2.5 came from :)



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Well done Howard. :clap:clap:clap you win S.F.A! :trophy

Jimbo, perhaps they may miss something, the reassuring rattle of a trusty BMC ;)

The new Nanni diesel will be quieter, either that or we will install a double helm seat with pedals :grin:

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Hi Clive..and BV XII

Pleased to see you have your restoration thread up and running nice and early. Really looking forward to this one, having had a personal interest in her since 65.

I may hi-jack a small piece of your thread :pirate and mean to get to Stalham as soon as time allows with camera in hand...

Exiting Times Ahead :dance


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