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FB Wilds


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Am now 42 and since the age of 2 for 15 years on the trot i went on the Bermudas from Wilds boat yard which in its day was just incredible to see this boat yard full on a Saturday with Fibre glass boats. I noticed that Richardsons have a Bermuda for sale which is nice to see that one still survives, just wish i had the money to purchase it. So where are all the other Bermudas.

Mark :]

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God Clive ! How you lot keep on top of a sea of boats like that ( Only part of them shown in photo) impresses the hell out of me :bow

I notice from the pic that there are no 'Melody' or 'San Remo' out in the open? I assume these are kept indoors under armed guard through the winter :clap

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Jonny, I cant see the Carribeans but there is a yellow Bermuda type 2 boats up from the two Calypsos.

But I did cheat by looking out of the window :naughty:

Hi Clive

you have a much better view you must be like a kid in a sweet show i would be :grin::grin::grin:

the Caribbeans are behind the pickup next to the Calypso. but it could be a pair of Bermudas

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jimbo, they are next to each other, you can see the bows but it looks like another boat :)

The advantage is I can see the backs of them as I type ;)

(and another calypso has appeared next to the other two which has been sold)

we seem to have drifted off topic a bit ;)

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  • 11 months later...

Hi Everyone

Well somehow I have managed not to reply on this thread!

Just to go back and answer one of the original questions there's still four Bermudas on hire at Richardsons that have been refitted into 2 berth "Tropcal Gem" class, and five that are much their original layout but have been modernised with refaced bulkheads, new galleys etc etc and run as "Broadland Lass" class.

DRL Marine also have one which was refitted mid to late 90s into a two berth floating boudoir (rather dubious in my opinion!) and is "Free Time".

Its good to see a few of the Wilds boats still batting about in the hirefleets (some of the smaller/larger versions crop up too). Realistically they are pretty old now and fairly early GRP boats. I think their curved cabin tops (Calypso excluded) is what now makes them look slightly older/more dated than the other similar designs from not much later, but give them a nice paint job/colour scheme and they still look alright to me! cheersbar


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Just to help your interest here's a few more piccies - some are on the FB Wilds web site, but thought you may enjoy the enlarged piccies

All the best


P.S Not sure if you've visited recently but since Le Boat have put an absolute stack of boats in there and the yard has been improved by the owners the site really looks alive again and has more of the feel it did before again - good to see.







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Hi Dan,

we never really knew but I thought our Miss Thelma could have been a Wilds Capri, She was fitted out here at Richardsons while Rank were here and sent to the Thames. We sold her a few years back.

What do you recon?

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Hi Clive

Yes, I'm sure it's a Capri, that was modified to be built as single steer and have an extra cabin forward to squeeze extra berths.

Very few were ever built, and I dont think I've seen another. It's a shame she wasn't dual steer really - almost seems a bit of a waste. I'll see if I have some shots of both when I get home for some comparisons.


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