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Barnes Brinkcraft Brinks Melody ?

Guest allaboard

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Hello, Long time no see, hope you all had a good Christmas and the New Year is not too bad !!

Question we are really having to be careful this year with holidays etc with the credit crunch and although really affecting us we dont want to miss out on our boat holiday, although only one this year !! Has any body hired a boat from Barnes and has anyone hired the Brinks Melody ? Usually we hire from Faircraft or Swancraft down the bottom but decided to have a change, we are talking about October when we will be out and about and I must confess we think we are quite fussy !! I would be really greatful for any oppinions. Thanks

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Problem there the boats we like will not allow dogs on !! we are careful and always clean up but it states No pets !! we like the "New" boats, you know like the ones in the plainum fleet !! Do you think they would make an exception ? :roll:

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Hello all,

I am not here to flog holidays but if you fancy starting from Stalham or Acle give our booking office a ring 0844 7705213

or do a search on http://www.richardsonsboatingholidays.co.uk/

or simply request a brochure to have a look.

wherever you go from have a great time. cheers

Hi allaboard, you posted before me! simple answer is no. sorry but even I was not allowed! you could ask the booking girls what boats do allow dogs and see if there is one you might like.

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Thanks Clive we seem to be posting at the same time ! Anyway that is a shame I will have to carry on looking... or not take the dog... but he likes his boat holiday so I cant do that can I. Thanks Yvonne

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Brinks are next to me in Wroxham so pass their boats alot.

Melody is a nice boat, the seating on the top deck looks lovely, specially on a sunny day.

Disclaimer Passing their boats meaning passing them while they are Parked up, not passing them in a speeding kind of way. :lol:

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Personally if Faircraft Loynes have the same style of boat for the money I'd go for that.

I looked inside a Brinks Melody & Harmony in October and it was all OK, but in my opinion was not maintained or turned out to quite the same standard and needing to run an engine to make a brew (i am a northerner!) is infuriating madness to my mind - so Faircraft definately win on those grounds!

It is a shame that doggies are banned from the best of the Richardsons fleet. I've had to book elsewhere sometimes too... but I can understand no exception being made as someone with an allergy may have booked that boat and needs to be safe in the knowledge no pets have been aboard recently.

All the same though, I hope some of the Melody, Concerto or Rhapsody's get the ban lifted at some point... I see Sensation has this year which would have been perfect for family holidays for us


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I have been with Richardson’s (albeit few years ago) and cannot fault them. Also in terms of value for money they take some beating. However as we really need a yard that’s handy for the railway, we started using Swancraft a few years ago and to be honest we have been so impressed we have stuck with them ever since. What about Swan Regal? It’s a bigger boat and they will take dogs.

Like most yards Swancraft don’t hire in winter so we have been going to Faircraft Loynes in December. They are a bit more expensive, as most of the boats are quite new. We had a slight issue last year but general service, particularly at the quayside, is excellent. I’m not sure what their doggie policy is.


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Try again I just did this once and lost the lot, Ok Dan We have hired from Faircraft lots of time I dont know if you recall a conversation months ago where we had just come back from faircraft and had been told that (inside information) that the money was lining the pockets and not maintaining the upkeep of the boats as it had previously ! I dont think Faircraft do a layout like Melody other than that we would have to go with Emperor( have had its counterpart from Potter) Any one down there that can have a look at the access on Admiral ( they tell us it is steep steps)? We have to get a Boxer on and off ! And he is not so agile !! And Norfolknog we have been with Swancraft and on Swan Regal many times, we where on in October 08 the last time and love it, but we want to be up the top end (as we call it) and as it is October dont want to waste time coming through Gt Yarmouth ! I am gratfull for all of theese comments !

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