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hi peeps

ive been head of complaints for over 2 years now and feel its time for a change.

so if you have a complaint, please PM any member of the team with the details

and we will post it in the members complaints area of the team room

where it will be discussed with the team and a final decision

will be made and we will let you know our decision as soon as we can.

thanks jill

updated 3/6/11

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complaints procedure.

just to let you know how it all works.

when an official complaint is made, your complaint PM will be posted in the complaints section of the team room.

this section is open for all the team to see as is all of the team room.

the team watch and comment, giving their views during the whole of the procedure.

when a decision is reached, the final decision is sent.

we do not rush any decisions as this would not be fair and may not allow time for all team members views

to be taken into consideration.

you are welcome to PM your complaint to any or all members of the team.


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hi dave

im sorry you feel that way.

we have a good cross section of peeps as mods and they may not all be to your liking but i really doubt that a completely new

team could come up with a group that would please all of the people all of the time.

i dont believe there is such a thing as a mod team that can please all of the peeps all of the time.


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Without entering into the 'did he, didn't he' debate, I find this forum to be one of the least moderated of the several to which I belong, which is, perhaps, why I don't post here very often. 'Family friendly' is not a term that springs to mind.

The rules of another forum of which I am a member, which has nothing to do with The Broads or boating but is nonetheless very well populated and supported, contains something very similar to:

If a Team Member asks you to comply with one of the rules, you must comply

If you argue the rules with a Team Member, you'll be warned

Keep it up, and you'll receive a ban

Once the moderators of any forum lose the respect of the members, the forum is doomed, because reasonable people will leave and the posts will simply degenerate, as we are seeing here.

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Quote: " Once the moderators of any forum lose the respect of the members, the forum is doomed, because reasonable people will leave and the posts will simply degenerate, as we are seeing here."

Indeed this can happen on forums of all sorts but, as one of the founding members of this one, I'm pleased to say that I am more than happy with the current mod team and trust their judgement and management of the NBN. They do work as a team and not as individuals and I do know they give due consideration to difficult matters rather than "jumping in".

I know that I have made the decision on many forums to "sit on my hands" rather than post my views simply because I felt it could only add to the debate in a negative way. I can only imagine that most "keyboard debates" on internet forums would not degenerate in the same way as they can if for example, the discussion were in a bar, restaurant etc, rather than folk typing text back and forth :wave

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