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Not a technical question or answer but these are Beccles based and have given me excellent service, so thought this might be the best place to put it but mods move if you wish.

I intend changing the Primary Filter on Kiki as it is too fiddly to change under way - Lets hope I never need to but forewarned and all that.

See: viewtopic.php?f=37&t=2948&hilit=east+coast+diary&start=20

Finally got around to ordering it but needed some advice on tail sizes etc, I e-mailed ASAP and got a very detailed reply with a invitation to use their online 'live' support if needed. They informed me that the tails were out of stock but they would check with the supplier and ring me back and did within 20mins to say they would be back in stock next day was that OK or did I want to cancel the order :o

Prices are competitive but the willingness to help was evident - needless to say they got an order but even phoned to let me know it was about to be despatched, got an e-mail with tracking number and goods arriving within 24 hours :clap

I have no connection and I am not recommending them over any other Broads supplier but the service was excellent.


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Yes they are very good Perry.

Peter and Nigel Edwards started sometime in the late 80's basically going around the boats in their van. Now they have some 15+ people and always exhibt at LBS at Excel. We are a trade customer of theirs and have been since they started.

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Thanks for the background Lab; I picked a brochure up at Excel in January so that was one that was worth giving away :grin:

Handy to have a supplier like this on the Broads.

I am generally trying to support our local Chandlery Fox's who offer a discount card and have a fairly extensive range albeit mainly aimed at :Sailing but for specialised items the service at ASAP is very good.

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Yes they are very good Perry.

Peter and Nigel Edwards started sometime in the late 80's basically going around the boats in their van.

:grin: According to their website they've been going since 1989, I could have sworn it was longer than that, I used to buy from the van when it delived to Wayford Marina, and because my brother was the manager there I used to get everything at trade price, I remember going to their new shop to pick up a load of cable and fittings I needed urgently, and ended up buying a load more stuff while I was there, thats the one thing I miss going to the shop, they are all online now so I only get to go there to pick up stuff, But I can't fault the service and they have given me lots of advice on parts and general enquiries, I'd recommend them anytime, some things can be a bit pricey from them so I still shop around, but they do seem to be able to get parts that other places can't so they are always my first port of call,,, :grin:

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