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jabsco toilet pump

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Hiya all..

I have to replace the manual toilet pump in jupes. I have bought the newest replacement which has the twist n lock feature.

It looks pretty simple to retro fit, but any tips would be really helpful as I neither want to sink the boat or get covered in poo whilst replacing.

Am I right in assuming that closing the sea cocks will be the right thing to do to prevent becomming a submarining jupes?


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Turn off the seacocks and if the holding tank is not below the pump, empty it, . The instructions that come with the pump are pretty comprehensive and they are a straight swap. The really important thing is not to over tighten the mounting screws as they tap straight into the plastic and can quite easily strip. Tighten diagonally to ensure an even seat on the seal.

You may have a little difficulty removing the sanitary hose from the outlet but gentle persuasion, hot water and patience will prevail.

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Just a little tip,

When dealing with any sort of toilet that holds the stuff in a tank, beware of it spraying all over.

The best thing to do is put newspaper or plastic sheeting in one corner of the room, stand a small desk fan on top of it.

Then if all goes wrong, and the stuff shoots out, it will be easier to clean up.

As the s&%t always hits the fan.


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Hi Adam

I've replaced the pumps and seals on both our Jabsco heads (assuming they are the same ones). If it's the whole pump you are replacing, they are dead easy. The hardest bit is normally getting the old hoses off, but try warming them with a hot air gun (very carefully!) of a hair dryer.

If fitting a new pistong seal, make sure you wrap some insualting tape around the thread on the end of the piston rod before sliding any new seal over it. The new seals are quite a tight fit, and can easily be damaged by forcing them over a thread.

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