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Servicing an old shower

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Before you rip out that trusty old shower you may be interested in this:-

We have a Mira shower that was fitted in the 70's and it's part of the "furniture," being recessed into the bulkhead. It started playing up after having little use last year and if at all possible I wanted to service it.

I didn't really hold out much hope of obtaining a service kit.

Oh ye of little faith - I was astounded to find exactly what I needed together with an exploded view of the innards (which helped me to positively our model number). It was all at this excellent Scottish company's website which caters for all makes and vintage of shower:-


Give it a whirl


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I have just sent this info to another Madeira owner, so here it is for anyone else with the same shower:-


Here's the full link to the bits that you need (if your shower is the same as ours):-


Looking at the exploded view:-

First you have to carefully prise the heat setting knob off - it just pushes on (front part of 916.92).

Then a circlip must be removed to pull of the large black water flow control knob (rear of 916.92).

Then you have to unscrew the cover (002.16) by rotating the nut which is part of the moulding.

This exposes the innards.

The service pack 935.16 includes "O" rings for the pistons, a large "O" ring for the cover, new horseshoe spring clips (that hold each piston in the yoke) and lubricating oil etc.

This is all that I needed to repair our shower.



p.s. I don't think that I have missed anything out

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Hi Barry,

Yes it works fine now.

Before I overhauled it, once the shower had been turned on it was impossible to turn it back off.

I could keep rotating the knob to increase the water flow but could not turn it back off.

It was down to perished "O" rings gumming up the works.



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Hi Simon,

No probs.

It's a pity that your shower is not the same.

Mine looks like original kit and it's certainly old enough to be original fit.

It may still be worth checking with that company though.

There's not much that they don't know about showers and they do state that you should telephone or email them if your shower is not in the online list.



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What are you doing up at 2.51am Steve? Late night VAT returns or something?

That shower website is very useful, I have discovered my shower is the same as a Mira 6, which seems to predate the Mira 8. They can supply a service kit for £12 :)

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They're good aren't they.. :grin:

Older than mine???

Blimey, I thought that our shower came out of the Ark (it must be 30 year's old).

I didn't realise that I posted that at 02.51.

I had just completed a pcb design and I'm afraid that I get a bit engrossed.

It was boat-related though.

Well ship related anyway - nice ships too (especially if you have kids):-

http://disneycruise.disney.go.com/ships ... ies/ships/

One of these will be visiting Dover next summer if that is your kind of thing.

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Just remember to winterise the shower as it is normally freezing water that blows the seal.

If you are draining down it is easy - take the head off and blow heartily down the tube with the knob in the on position.

But ask someone else what to do if you use it all winter and do not empty the system!!!!! :wave

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