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cutting out Honda outboard engine.

Guest Beatty

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Guest Beatty

Would any of you helpful people have an idea what might be the problem with my Honda 15 outboard engine.The boat was bought 18months ago, about 6 months ago it had an engine service and all appeared well.

On a few occasions since whilst out and about the engine has cut out ,it has started again quite quickly and we have managed to complete our trip.

Thinking it might be dirt in the fuel tanks [they were a pair of honda one which had been on the boat problably from new ]we changed them for new plastic a fuel tank.For a while we thought we had cracked it ,but know ,the same thing is happening again.

Today,we took her out for 20mins run,had a short break and then on our return to the moorings the engine,although did not cut out did miss a beat a couple of times before we got back.

Just to add,the fuel is fresh,the engine,although getting on runs beautifully .An outboard engineer did say once if it is not fuel it could be an electrical device fitted in the engine area? any clues please Barry.

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It does sound like a electrical fault doesn't it.

If it cuts out and then starts fine.

I'm no tech person but i would recommend to have a play with the internal wires while the engine is running to see if its a faulty connection.

If moving wires doesn't cause it to miss fire / stop, then it may be a inline electrical problem. Coil Pack or CDI. kind of thing.

Again im no tech guy.

Monday will provide new people............

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It does sound electrical and possibly the cdi unit or condenser on older engine that has points, as it cuts out completely it will be something that feeds both cylinders, as it would still run on one. You could also check the stop switch and wiring. If checking engine wiring with it running be careful not to rev it. If the flywheel comes it will go through your hull :naughty:

A good spay of WD40 around the wiring may eliminate a damp problem. Good Luck Joathan :Stinky

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Warning I know nothing about engines.

However I had a volvo penta saildrive (Based on a Honda 4 stroke outboard) and had cut out problems caused by the following:

Gunged up fuel filters - worked a dream when replaced.

Seized up thermostat causing overheating problems. No obvious symtoms except it tripped the auto shut off. When the in-coming water is cold the engine would run for quite a while without cutting out.

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Guest Beatty

Thankyou to all of you that offered me help.I am not a mechanic and know very little about outboard engines,however i have taken note of the your thoughts and will try and find someone who has a knowledge of outboards.

The general opinion is that the problem could well be electrical.If by chance you are moored in the Horning area of Norfolk and know of someone who can offer me some help with this i would very grateful.

Happy cruising to you all. Barry

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