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Which one to buy?


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I need a bit of advice please from those of you in the know in the Camra department regarding the purchase of a simple digital camra for my grandaughter's 11th birthday next week :):?

It needs to be fairly simple to use and compact, although she has said that she would like one where the picture quality was good enough to be able to blow up the print occasionally to make a poster for her bedroom wall :dancecheers

I normally give them all a birthday pressie of around £100, so what make and model do you recommend would be best for her photography needs? :)

Thanks :party2::teddy:

Julz :wave

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I have one of these.

Less than £100

In Automatic mode it's simple Point-and-shoot. It does have some more advanced features which you/your grandaughter can explore later.

It takes photos upto 10MegaPixels, but I tend to only use it at 7MP.

Small enough to fit in my jeans pocket, with me barely noticing it's there.

Let me know if you want me to send you some example photos taken with it.

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I bought Susan one of these for Christmas:

http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/specs/S ... scw120.asp

It's proved to be an excellent acquisition. I bought it because DP Review did a test of cheapo cameras and this came out as one of the best, and the most appropriate for our use. I got it off Amazon for £90, so it certainly fits your budget. After my accident in Austria it became the sole camera in use and has produced some top notch results.

Hint, with a cheap camera (and a small sensor) LESS megapixels will generally be better. Anything above 5MP will do you for prints of 15x10.

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