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Easter Holiday

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Part one


In my usual state of impatience to get up on the broads, I was up and ready to leave home at 7am. Lou had made the decision to put the dogs in kennels, so had to wait until they opened at 9.30 before we went to pick my Mum and her dog Cora up 10am.

Arrived at the yard at Wayford at 12.15pm. unloaded the car and got sorted for the week ahead. Leaving my Mum on the boat to look after the boys, myself & Lou went into Tesco’s at Stalham for the weeks supplies. With the amount Lou was putting in the trolley, I was not sure the boat would remain afloat. :o But she did remind me it was not unusual for a weeks shopping and if I went shopping more often I would understand. :naughty: Moving on. Back to the boat. While Lou was unloading the shopping, I decided to wash down the boat. We made the decision to stay in the yard overnight. For our evening meal we decided to have fish & chips. Not having tried the Broadland fish shop at Stalham. We thought we would give it a go. I took Connor with me. It was quite popular as the queue was out of the door. Good sign. It took about 25 minutes to be served. Back to the boat and the table had been set. To all of our surprise the Cod and Chips were probably the best we have ever tasted. :clap

It was a clear night with a full moon which had an eerie red tinge to it. Out came the camera and tripod to take a few shots.

Good Friday

Normally I am woken up by the natural sound of wildlife, but to our horror, at exactly 6am a hire boat fired up his engine on the public staithe, :norty: moving off early we thought. No, they run the engine until 7pm and then moved off. Even Loops wanted to get up and throw something at them, little annoyed to say the least. :mad:

Some friends of ours, John, Stella and daughter Julie, had arrived at their boat, Casique the previous evening at 10.30pm after a horrendous journey up from Kent.

It was agreed we would make for Potter Higham for the evening and hopefully get on the electric post on the public moorings. (Not likely).

John & Stella’s other daughter Maria and Husband Mark were hiring one of Clive’s Broadland Saturn boat from Richo’s, so John and Stella decided to go to meet them at Stalham,

The sun was out, so we lowered the canopy and set off to Potter. When we arrived two boats were on the electric posts, one of them Lady B, friends of ours, Mike and Sandy and there grandson Jack. To our surprise my cousin Mark & his wife Shirley owned the other boat, after a bit of moving around and extensions on shore power cables, we managed to squeeze in. :)

Connor and Jay went off playing with Jack, my mum stayed on the boat, keeping an eye on them and I went with Lou for our Latham’s fix. Had to buy some sun cream and aftersun as I had burnt my head. I’ll never learn. :oops:

Got back to the boat and was talking to Mike when I saw a Glistening Horizon from Horizon Craft coming up the river, I commented to Mike, the boy standing on the front looked very much like Connor, Mike agreed and laughed. Then the boy shouted, “Hello Dad†It was Connor. My Sister Sue & Brother in law, Ian had hired the boat for the weekend and had picked up Connor down the river. We managed to get them moored. Mike commented, “are you having a family reunion?â€, I laughed.

Later in the afternoon John & Stella arrived, followed closely by Maria & Mark, they were unable to find space on the public moorings, so went into the Herbert Woods yard.

During the afternoon we were entertained by all the new hirers coming out of Herbert Woods. It’s amazing how many groups of Pirates there were, and many still think they are the originals. :lol:

Lou cooked Bangers & Mash for dinner.

In the evening all aboard HJ2 for drinks. :party2::party2::party2::party2::party2:

Next instalment soon.







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Hi Col

lovly pics mate cheersbarcheersbarcheersbar

Good Friday

Normally I am woken up by the natural sound of wildlife, but to our horror, at exactly 6am a hire boat fired up his engine on the public staithe, :norty: moving off early we thought. No, they run the engine until 7pm and then moved off. Even Loops wanted to get up and throw something at them, little annoyed to say the least. :mad:

Some friends of ours, John, Stella and daughter Julie, had arrived at their boat

we did the same when moored at stokesby but pushed off drifted a little down river as the tide had just turned then fired the engine.

i know how it feels when moored at Princess i was moored next to a discovery it was bouncing it down during the night with also thunder & Lightning in the middle of august last year. saw some torches & thought they must be staying aboard tonight as it was 00:30 then all of a sudden the turned the engine over revved her up a little kept her running till 01:30am i was so :mad::mad::mad: they dint even say sorry or do you mind if we start her up i know i would.

Jonny ice sliceice sliceice sliceice slice

P.S keep the tale coming

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Part 2


After the rude awakening on Friday morning, we managed to lie in until 9.15am. Only a slight dullness in the head after the previous evenings drink. Connor and I took a stroll around over Potter Heigham Bridge to have a look at the boats for sale at Waterside Marine, trouble was, we had to go past the burger bar opposite Lathams, I think it is the smell that gets you. Connor insisted that we have a Banger each for breakfast, of course after having to twist my arm, :liar Connor got his way. We wandered around the boat sales looking at the boats for a while and then went down to meet John and family who was moored behind the boat sheds in Herbert Woods.

John was going down to Wroxham for the evening with Mike & Sandy. We had already made arrangements to meet up with Pete, Sue & Hank at Ludham Bridge that evening. We left Potter at 11am and we decided to go down to Horning for lunch. I gave Gus a ring at the New Inn, but he didn’t answer his mobile, so I called the land line and booked a table and a mooring. The weather was absolutely glorious on the way down to Horning, and this time I made sure I put on plenty of Sun Cream.

We got into Horning at 12.30pm and passed Leesabout’s dad Carl sitting on his mooring, who took great pleasure in pointing out my glowing head. :oops:

Gus then sees us coming down the river and guided us in our reserved mooring at the New Inn. As we pulled in I noticed we were mooring alongside our very own Andyfish. :wave Had a chat for a while and then went in for lunch and a few drinks. Well, we were on holiday. We left the New Inn at just after 3.00pm to make our way around to Ludham Bridge. Moored up and had a chat with Pete, Hank & Sue, when the sky went black and in the distance, we could see the rain coming in. Up went our canopy in preparation for the down pour. Luckily, we only just caught the edge of the storm. Later in the evening, after my mum agreed to look after the boys, myself & Lou walked up to Dog Inn to have a drink with the others.

Easter Sunday

Yet again, we were able to have a little lay in. Up and about at approx 8.30am. The day was a bit misty and overcast. :( Our plan was to meet up with my sister and hubby and my three nieces Hannah, Kirsty and Zoe, also Hannah’s boyfriend Ben at the Bridge Inn at Acle as we had booked a table for the eleven of us to celebrate my Mums Birthday which was on Easter Monday. We arrived at Acle and moored up on the moorings outside the Bridge Inn and hooked up to the electric post. Just then my mobile phone went off, It was my friend John, who told me they had moored up at Upton dyke. Later in the afternoon myself and Connor wrapped up warm, jumped into our tender and went up the river to meet John and his family. When we got to the top of the dyke we found their boats Casique & Broadland Saturn moored, also Mike and Sandy were moored close by, but nobody was around. We hung around for a while. After 20mins we decided to get back to HJ2. Whilst travelling back down Upton Dyke, Conner noticed a large party of people walking through the fields to our left. It was John and Co. We met them back at John’s boat. John asked if we wanted a drink, of course it would be rude not to. I told John we could not stay long as we had the table booked at 7pm at The Bridge Inn. That was it, the scotch bottle was out, “Just a small one†I told John. I am sure he must be going deaf. :lol: As we were drinking, the skies cleared the sun was out and it was turning into a beautiful evening. :grin: Then Mark, John’s son in law asked Connor if he wanted a shandy, :o “oh yes†he said. Connor the only 10 year old going on 18. :lol: Time crept on by, John offered another drink, I declined, but they all insisted I should stay for another, and another, then an empty scotch bottle later :o we had to leave and get back to get ready to go out in the evening.

As we arrived back at Acle, we noticed that my Sisters boat Glistening Horizon was moored in the Horizon yard, all ready for them to hand back the following morning. We said our hello’s and went back to HJ2 to change for our evenings celebrations. :party2::party2::party2::party2::party2::party2:

7pm we all met in the restaurant and taken to our table. I am sure you can guess the rest. I must say the service and food was excellent. Well, all kids back to Glistening Horizon and adults on HJ2 for a few more drinks. I was not going to mention that I tripped up coming out of the Inn and nearly fell over, but Lou insisted I must. The wine flowed and before we knew it, it was actually Mums Birthday. :clapcheers:clap






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