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Flood Warning


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The number of boats going over Breydon Friday and Sat at close to or coming up to high water was ridiculous.

The SOB actually flagged one down and told them to wait a couple of hours at the Berney before trying to cross. 10 mins after they left there was a steady flow of boats on the route across Breydon. I am surprised I haven't heard of any more boats wedged under the bridge. One guy we helped moor up refused to take our advice to turn into the tide and then went full pelt and hit the bow on the quay heading!!

The best one was Sat night at Polkeys Mill - just us and the ducks - 9:30 pm a hire boats comes belting past, circles twice and tries to moor. Eventually after shouting at them to go into the tide we got them in - 14yr old at the helm (actually did better than I make him sound, mum and 2 young kids on board. No Life jackets, pitch black and wanting to head over Breydon in the morning. Asked about air draft and he had that sorted, then I asked about tide times and they brought the handbook out mumbling about low water at 4:30ish. I was extremely polite in pointing out that they shouldn't be travelling at night which they had no idea about!! I suggested they may be able to leave at 5:30 as it will be getting light, but in the end they left at 8:30. I am not sure what the air draft was through the bridge, but they had one of the new Brooms and it's about 8' 8" I think he said. The tide was definitely getting high and they must have been punching it all the way. No idea if they got through or turned round and stopped at Bernie Arms.

The only good thing was that the lad driving really sounded like he wanted to learn and listened to everything we had to say to him so hopefully he will make a good skipper by the end of his week.

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We had cause to go over the river on the Reedham Ferry on Monday lunch time, the operator was saying if the tide got any higher he was going to close it down and put sandbags across the road to help the pub from flooding. He was still ferrying cars across all the time we were having a meal in there.



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Alan, Sunday when we came past there it was already starting to flood and still had a few hours to go to high water. Nearly up to the top of the quay heading there and at Cantley. The end of the wobbly walk way was under water as well - some guy wanted to get off his boat, but didn't have his wellies with him so was looking very fed up. 

Good job we didn't have a good blow going up the chuff at the same time again.:hardhat:

Must have been peeing down as well?

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Very high here at Beccles.  Water over the level of the path on the right hand side of the yacht station.

We are on the river and it is up to the top of the quayside, not quite over it yet.

Staying until Friday morning, then down to WRC.



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