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'New' boat from Pacific Cruisers


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Hi Jonny

Yeah they're are a few... from Silverline too, and the odd 35 footer but I'm suprised Alpha Craft never put the bedrooms fore and aft and the saloon in the middle of them with the canopy over like just a couple of other operators did with 35footers.

Theyre's no perfect boat I guess though, and they are still very nice and good broads boats, and they do have some seating around the helm at least


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Like it! From the interior pictures it looks smart & it may have had some improvements made since the Fencraft days. The price list hasn't been updated yet so I'll keep a look out for that but depending on where they pitch it I might be tempted for next year.

Having hired an Alpha 35 in the past (Silver Mirage) I've always liked the layout. The trouble with central saloons is the seating for non-helmsmen gives theno forward view. Pacific Dawn & its sisters have the high level passenger seat behind the helmsman which I rather like. Depends on your party size though because there isn't much room in the centre there!.

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Speaking as someone with a little experience of the 35ft centre cockpit Alpha :teddy:cheers:dance and also as somone who prefers to cruise in the open air in all but the very poorest of weathers I find it a bonus that the saloon is out the back. I can still cruise in light to moderate rain with the roof down and no worries about soft furnishings and curtains getting wet and ruined. The centre area is basically fibre glass or formica which will stand some dampness, and lino flooring. Additionally as an all year round boat the saloon at the back is a whole lot easier to warm and keep warm than the centre cockpit area, which due to the sliding roof has a lot of gaps that are difficult to seal. Additionally there is also a lot more glass area as well. I am even thinking of replacing the curtain in the opening that leads to the back of the boat with a partition containing a door, that slots into the opening and then bolts in place to fully close of the back of the boat with a wall and door for Winter use, but which can then be removed for Summer use.

As an excercise last week I let someone else take the helm and kneeled on the floor to try and get a perspective on what kind of view the people in the sinlge level Alphas etc get and I now see why so many people complain about the endless view of reeds on the Southern Broads. The extra few feet in height of the centre cockpit coupled with a high tide really does make all the difference in view on the Southern rivers.

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I agree with you about the interior saloon Keith. With a centre saloon it doesn't seem to matter how well the roof fits there's always a draught somewhere!

This isn't to say I'm anti centre-saloons though & in many ways any centre cockpit has advantages (& disadvantages) over other designs. I've always liked the (rarish) variety that have a centre saloon combined with a ligh level 'passenger' seat, for example Silver Wisper/Solano, San Valentino & the Le Boat fleet.

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Great to see Pacific adding boats, our last 2 hires before becoming owners were with Pacific and they realy are a great yard who deserve success.

Pacific Princess is still my favourite, yes the aft cabin is a bit low on headroom over the bed and the bunks are only realy suitable for kids but she still looks and feels like a real boat. Pacific Princess was also the boat that highlighted to us how much extra fuel could be used for very little extra speed.

Noticed that it revved a lot higher in reverse than forward and realized it was due to a throttle stop on the lever, removed this and gained lots of power for the runs accross Breydon, I think she has a 70hp Yanmar in. Thing was despite a much bigger wake it only went about 1 mile an hour faster and the fuel bill at the end of the week was a bit of a shock. Managed to use as much in diesel as we do on our 400hp + petrol powered machine now but that does get run on 1 engine at 1300 rpm while on the rivers.

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