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Apparently We All Need to Retune to get Radio Norfolk


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Briefly listening on the internet Radio Norfolk some little devil has been going around all of the masts overnight altering things.   We all now need to retune if you have a DAB radio.   Just go to your retune button.  Now saying that it works on my Roberts Radio but not my dear old faithful I have in the kitchen.



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I am assuming you are joking Peter.     Yes it is official but it was the first I had heard about it. Obviously those at the Radio Stations knew.   I honestly thought this morning that either Norfolk had been towed off somewhere in the night or my little old radios (both DAB) had gone kaput.


I will keep trying with the older radio but it doesnt look as if it will retune despite several attempts. Looks like that will be heading for the recycling depot.




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Actually I was not joking! I would have expected it to be an engineering task but we live in a world where hackers apparently access the Whitehouse etc. with relative ease so, incredulous as it may sound and me knowing next to nothing about radio, other than how to press the on/off button, I was very much in two minds over your original comments! Oh I am a silly-billy!

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Just been checking on the Radio and Television Investigation service and our post code gives this.



Postcode Checker

Digital Radio

Your local transmitters are...

Oulton ParkBBC National DAB RadioOff Airfrom 22:08 yesterday to 04:45 today
Aldeburgh-No reported problems-
Mendlesham-No reported problems-

and there are issues on 1 of them.

There have been recent problems on this platform, at your post code.

If a fault is displaying as current we can assure you it is being worked on by our technical teams and we would advise you to check back with the Transmitter Checker at regular intervals, for updates.

If a fault becomes an ongoing issue, you will find further information and guidance on the News and FAQ sections of our BBC Reception website athttp://www.bbc.co.uk/reception










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I am pleased to say that 'old faithful' in the kitchen is now tuned in.   So will not be heading for the dump.

Having read the information given in the 'reception news' item it says if you hold down the tune button and when it starts to return let go , it will work, and it did.


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