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White Champange - The Review


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White Champagne is a large boat ideal for a group of friends or two families whose priority is space.

At 45ft long the boat might be the same length as Broadsman, Commodore etc but because has a higher air draft and narrower side decks appears to be much larger inside.  Whether you are talking about the shower, outside space, or saloon you never feel cramped and there are drawers and cupboards everywhere to store away a crews belongings.  Sure this class of boat (Acapulco, Challenger and Pink Champagne are all the same type) are more known for large groups of men on stag do cruises, this label I feel is wrongly associated with them and upon take over the boat was spotlessly clean.  Our request for extra items for the galley and bedding was dealt with in a friendly manner and 'nothing is too much trouble' way. 

While I had hired the boat it was for my mums birthday celebrations and we wanted somewhere people new to the broads would find comfortable and spacious at a keen price as ever Richardson's proved the most efficient and keenly priced.  The boat features 240v power, a microwave, a decent four speaker stereo system, DVD player and TV.  For chilly evenings and mornings the boat is equipped with two separate heaters - these did need some attention, and one was replaced credit again goes to the service provided by the engineer and in all fairness I doubt the heater system had been used to date because of the fact we are only just coming out of the more mild weather.  I was also pleased to see the batteries, though only 3 for 12v and Inverter were strong and had no issues throughout the weekend.

All berths were very comfortable, the shower was very nice and the water system is served through a pressurised accumulator tank so the pump need not run as often and flow is more akin to your home than pumped water.  They may get a fair amount of abuse these boats, but we could not fault the on board items from good guilty knives, cutlery and glassware to a non-stick saucepan and larger than usual kettle. 

My only complaint is not about the boat but Richardson's switch to 'plastic' pillows.  While these may easy to care for, keep hygienically clean and so on, they offer no support when you sleep and have an annoying crackle as you move them.  Herbert Woods use these too but one does not have these in hotels and I would suggest if a nice pillow means a good nights sleep to you, you might wish to consider bringing your own.

A very practical, good boat at a fair price backed up with good service - what more can you ask for.


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Back in the 80's and 90's these were the Broads flagships, most people drooled over them, only taking satisfaction that those boats couldn't get under Potter Heigham or Wroxham bridge, whilst nearly ALL of the other hire craft could at that time.

How times change, how peoples expectations change too.

The boat looks tired, boy, so do I... lol. but there's life in the old craft yet.

If I had a suitable party on a budget, would I hire it ? ...Yes I would, thanks for the tour.

Robin, when you became a part owner of Broad Ambition, I thought we wouldn't see another boat review again, other than here is  Broad Ambition on Breydon.... at Sutton Staithe... at Potter Heigham etc...

So a big thanks for spending the time to video it and post it.

A great big thanks.

Best regards, 


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Well I mean I have to hire another boat at some stage and then I will have a bunch of money off because my 'Loyalty Card' will be complete with Richardson's and then I;ll have to hire another boat at a nice discount haha..So expect a couple more hire boats next year to pop up on video.

It's funny how I really like these boats despite their size, but not so keen on the narrower and slightly shorter version such as Top Gem and Eastern Gem.


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Thanks for the Review, Robin. The Saloon area, apart from helm and seating has all been changed over the years. The TVs were on swivel wall brackets in the bedrooms.Also the original heads were proper WCs. Its amazing what can be done I guess over a winter refit and back out in time for the new season.



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Alan!!!! Where is the CHICKEN Emot!:naughty: Enjoy your sailing, Clive. I suspect its the one where they all bomb down to Braydon and back to Brundal? They all decended upon me as I passed by Berny a few years ago. The Vultures, sorry spectators, all had pieces of paper and pens at Reedham?



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Thanks Robin, I've always wondered what they look like. I think they have a nice finish and certainly look like they have lots of accommodation.

Iain I don't think it's wise to call Clive a chicken lol :hardhat: Happy sailing Clive.. Be careful at marthams so many lovely wooden girls you don't want to impulse buy/rescue ;) 

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