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Our week on Commodore


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What started out as a busy week at home packing my house up and put in to storage and ready to sign up for new house this Tuesday and move in early Oct, my boss tipped me off that there is a job cut due in next few week and i'm on list so bottom fell out of our world. Quick call to Solicitors to put delays in and drag it out till I find more out.

So van loaded Thurs pm and final bags put in Friday of we set to Yarmouth at 10am, A good drive down and stopped at the left hand farm shop which we broke the rule and had a bacon butty and rule put back in place, this place doesn't improve.

Arrived in Yarmouth at the new Premier Inn next to theRail Station/Asda and after getting the room swapped we overlooked the River and could see boats coming up the river. New rooms air cond large tv's £35 for the night. so room with meal deal at pub next door inc breakie all in £81 for 2. No noise from the outside for it's location.

Sat am went to Asda to collect fresh goods and jolly up to Stalham.

Arrived at 1230 and told the boat would be ready at 1300 so collected Life jackets and a brew from the snack van, on driving round to the boat met Adrian who runs Swan side and he took me in the office and now the quiz began he knows what boats we like and couldn't remember my surname so couldn't pair me to boats round there. I said Commodore 1300 it's ready now so shout me when your ready for us.

Loading the boat was from either the side which wasn't good due to boat next to us so up onto the top the down into the boat with smal bags through rear window. Needs a side on mooring.

Patrick came and did his walk through and away we went in the SUN in tickover following another boat which was held up by a woody on a go slow, so we were nearing Barton and saw a wild mooring in the sun so that was it for the 1st night, Fishing gear setup and Kaz was on form with 3 fish in 5 mins. It was spot on with no wind & sun till it went down. I got bit 9 times in a few hours.

Evening set in and put things away in the boat and after tea found how good the heating system on board was.


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Sunday morning up and heating on kettle on (I know my place). Have to point out the heating on this boat is a wet system and towel type radiators in the read cabin and next to middle toilet then each cabin has a electronic thermostat controlling the temp in each cabin speeding the fan up and down to suit keep the temp correct. After about 15 mins the heater slows down to a steady click from the back cabin. So away we went across Barton this is a first for us having a boat having a wheel on top so stood up leaving Barton we could see over the reeds and acroos the fields. Didn't have the bootle to go through Ludham via the top so dropped inside to clear the bridge. Went up to Ransworth with no look on mooring so sat on the mud weight. Noticed Keith & Lisa getting close to a sail boat and away they went.

On leaving Ransworth we had a issue with the boat and got held up for a hour.

We left to go to Thurne Mouth which on getting close thought there's a lot of moored boats, they were cutting the bank back on the left which has created a lot of moorings on the left besides the BA ones on the right so we got behind a boat where we wanted. Bit of fishing and another fine evening sun.



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For those of you travelling from the North, like me, we have used the Premier Inn at Kings Lynn, (West Lynn) three times now, and is handy for Sainsbury's for breakie in the morning. You have the choice of going cross country or on the A47, to reach your designated Boatyard.

We took the scenic route in May to avoid Postwick roadworks, and drove through Melton Constable, a lovely village.


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Monday lazy start as normal breakfast & showers then a trip up to Potters, I held back before going under the bridge into Herberts to let the boat in front moor up with a nice wind blowing onto the yard across the river. Under the bridge yard nearly full but a spot on the left just the right size so a along size and kick stern in and reverse in to let Kaz off the rear and cheat with the super boosters (Thats what the gallay slave calls them) the front was in. Trip round the store was in order and one thing I wanted was a window squeegee to dry the top of the boat before putting the seat pads on, Couldn't find one gutted. Back to the boat for a brew and set off to Stokesby and the first spot on the BA moorings was available in front of a Seamaster. Been tight on space the wind was blowing me in nice then the flow put my stern out so spun round and in it came and the guy help take the rope whilst I kept a eye on the rear to his boat, thanks for your help.

I went down to close the rear window to the bedroom and nearly knocked myself out 'that smarted' was the term used as I layed back on the bed, glasses had gone dark and the window is set back well I head butt it and got a nice bump for a few days. The rear cabin is a good size with a lower ceiling over the bed for the foot well in the table seats above. You learn to walk round in the dark with your hand in the air and you go to the boys room, The boat is great on head room elsewhere

Kaz did a bit of fishing then tea on and watch the box.

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Tuesday morning early breakfast so I was ready to tackle the mixed grill at the Bridge once back in Acle. So call in at Richo's Acle yard with a warm welcome as is the norm moored on the end to pump out and fill with water. To free space up for them we pulled round into the arm to go to the pub. Now the fun begins with the wind coming from the bank but got it in and Kaz tied up, wished she'd learn to moor it's not right her doing the ropes. So back on the top of the boat to go inside and the door was locked Kaz you got the remote for the doors no it was in the boat. Bingo the boat had locked us out lol checking the windows all locked joy. Into the office to ring up and then wait for the spare remote to be delivered to us. 45 mins sat on the top in the sun with the wind blowing and still warm. Money in the boat so couldn't even sod off to the pub.

Well the grill beat me again and on setting off it would be late for us getting to Horning for mooring and too windy to drop the weight so Kaz said back to Thurne then. Back in the same area as before for the night (thinks I'm mad but tv signal is good there).


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