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Gourmet Pike


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Are Norfolk Pike becoming a bit particular over their meals ?

The first three days of our holiday were spent trying unsuccesfully to catch pike at Wroxham with a variety of plugs, spoons, drop shotting, static dead baits, wobbled dead baits, trolling, fishing from the bank, from a rowboat, various times of the day, etc. etc. We won't use live baits but don't condemn those that do.After three days of blanking misery we decided to get the coarse gear out and give up Piking as a bad job.

By the end of the week we had around 14 takes from Pike taking single or double maggot on 16 hooks tied to 3lb line ! Result - more misery as one by one they bit through the line, sometimes after 10 or 15 minutes playing them.I though I managed to land one of 11lbs 15ozs hooked in the scissors.Well chuffed with that .

It got so frustrating we even tied size 12 hooks baited with maggots on to wire traces, but these Pike were too crafty for that, not a bite. 

:wave Might try maggots cooked three ways with a cranberry jous next year.................... 

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Crikey, that's not good. Not even a little jack messing you around.

I wonder if they are getting used to hoovering up maggots thrown in after a days fishing?

They must be getting very sneaky or maybe they are on a high protein diet and staying away from those fatty Herrings and Mackerel?

Try a tin of tuna laid out on a bed of lettuce or maybe a little slice of anchovy?

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Ha Ha and maybe after eights to follow ? Seriously though I think you're right about the bait thats chucked in after the end of the days fishing.Wish I'd thought of trying one of those maggot rings  that I used to use on the boring old carp fishing days, you can get a dozen maggots on one of those and use a trace as well ! 

too late was the cry, sob sob. Only a  year to go before I get back, wish I was rich..

Back to the jolly Louth canal.


stefan :shocked

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Just had a week on a boat. 3 people n pulled out 12 pike between 6lb 3 n 20lb 14. All bar 1 on a roach deadbait & other 1 spinning. Not bad to say we mainly coarse fishing n just put a rod out for pike as a bonus.

I know hee haw about fishing, apart from, you can sit for hours and only catch a cold! Must say those weights sound very impressive to a non fisherman:clap



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