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While you were all out in the sun...


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While you were all out enjoying the last days of this rather nice indian summer my humans were busy working away on my restoration again. Over the time there had been much discussion about my f'wd window and all sorts of ideas have been and gone whilst they came to a decission. Finally they got their act together and, armed with some ply to make templates with, they cut and trimmed and cut again until they came up with this. Its only templates but I thought you'd like to have a look.

The single window is the original....



Of course the up side is we gain a nice shelf to keep choccys on.....

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Cloth was made to keep us warm, not make us go along,

There are those who disagree but I can prove them wrong!

We know that boats are well designed, their lines are smoolth and slick

But all this work is wasted time when someone adds a stick.

A sheet is is found upon a bed on that you'll safely bet,

though sailors sheets are bits of rope all cold and thin and wet.

Now settle back and worry not, just quote this rhyme twice daily,

If he's cold and wet and miserable, he's probably a saily.


JanetAnne, you're coming along just fine, your humans serve you well.




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A natural progression would be to fit a nice, oak tabernacle between those two windows. . . . . . . ;)

Peter, you old sage!

As you well know, we dont have all that wet canvas to dry and so we dont need something to dry it from. In my world something similar to this is more than adequate for my drying needs...


When I am afloat you will have to come aboard for hot chocolate... you'll soon see the light :naughty:

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Looking good JA! Certainly looking like progress. Do you think given the speed of the current progress you will be floating for next year? 

The way this global warming is going I may well be afloat before then! :rolleyes:


Launch date is 6th May....  just how much of me will be at the launch is debatable though!


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