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South and Sea


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Hi all

Just back yesterday evening after spending the bank holiday weekend on the Southern Broads.

Friday - motored up to Reedham which was busy and not enough room to get next to the electric post, however after gesticulating like a mad woman (which him indoors informs me, I do rather well :lol::? ), the very nice ranger moved a very nice saily up so we could shoehorn in and thankfully we managed it beautifully first time.... phew :shocked. Please note that the clip below refers to the final scene in said mooring episode, not the ones below which 'him indoors' refers to as my driving abilities, which are mentioned later :evil:

http://fsmail02.orange.co.uk/webmail/en ... LDER=INBOX


3 hire boats decided to show off as they came into view of Reedham, carrying two parties of men and one of women, and floored it creating a huge wash......

Ate dinner washed down with a nice bottle of sparkly which was unfinished :o , we spent the rest of the evening in the Ship with Mariotech and his family and a nice time was had cheersbar . Came back to Jupes to find the champagne bottle on the floor, cork out and a very happy snoozy dog!!

Saturday – beautiful day and hoods off down to WRC, where we moored next to another group of lads side on already on the pop by 1pm.... and very pleasant they were too and not a peep out of them. Whereas the crowd of 9 boats from (I won’t say where!!) clearly had a great party night!!! Anyway, as the hoods were off, it gave Adam the perfect opportunity to continue his waterproofing of the hoods, whilst the kids went swimming and I made the most of the comfy sun lounger :grin: .


Cooked dinner which we was left halfway through when Mariotech arrived and there was no mooring space available in the basin, so we moved the boys next door into a stern on position and Crackerjack was able to moor. In her wisdom, Lydia had put the dog in the galley, whilst all this excitement was happening only to find the meringues with strawberries meant for dessert were now in the dogs tummy and all over the cushions!!!


Another nice evening and far too much pop meant a late start to Sunday!!! cheerscheers

Sunday – followed Mariotech to Oulton Broad and although timed well, we arrived 10 minutes or so too early for the lock so Crackerjack moored temporarily and we moored alongside. At this point, him indoors rather facetiously pointed out the new piece of pontoon I had very innocently managed to back the car onto in Goodchilds Marina, and I hasten to add that there were mitigating circumstances ;)two gunstwo guns. They wanted us in the lock first, so off we went only to find a problem had occurred for Mariotech so, as we were committed we went through on our own and off down to RNSYC for the night. Just as we were coming through Bascule Bridge, an assistance call came across the radio, asking for anyone in the vicinity to help a jet skier who had got into trouble…………. We waited rather nervously :shocked to hear whether anyone had gone out to their rescue, whilst at the same time, thinking we would try and help if needed, and Adam could put his man overboard lessons to the test :?;):) . Fortunately, for the jet skier ;) , Jupes’ assistance was not needed as two boats answered the call, and we watched the jetskier paddle back into RNSYC. We then had the task of mooring stern-on in what seems a very small space in rather strong winds and current next to a gleaming 53’ Broom, which looked very new and sparkly and had no fenders on the starboard side where we were backing in ….. gulp …….. Perfect execution, thank god!!! :dance:dance:dance

A walk on the prom, the shooting fountains are great and we know Lydia will love running through these in the hot weather. They are pretty terrific in the evening when all lit up and they dance to music, a round of minigolf on the front, which was good fun and although small has beautiful gardens and a nightcap in the clubhouse finished the day off very nicely. ice slice


Now writing the next bit and waiting for photographs from him indoors!

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Monday – a morning visit from Mariotech on his rib, having moored in Hamilton dock to invite us out to sea to play with them and Senator…… how could we refuse!!! So, plans changed, we followed Mariotech out of the harbour around midday and had some playtime or I should say learning time (Adam will be posting for help re tilt and trim tabs when he has time, it is the wedding season, so he is snowed under duh!). Senator brought up the rear and thank you to both you guys for your help, advice and support, it is much appreciated :bow . The sea was flatish and great fun and Lydia, over-excited at her first sea-going voyage concocted a sea-going shanty to the tune of ‘We are Family’, think it was the Pointer Sisters, which involved ‘We are going to sea’ and made us both laugh at her excitement. She loved it and it was her main conversational piece at school the day she went back. We broke away from Mariotech and Senator around Hopton and headed back towards Lowestoft achieving 24 knots, although she is capable of much more and she plained rather nicely. We played around a little more, then gained clearance to head into the the holding area for the next bridge lift.




Can anyone please explain, why 5 yachties would prefer to moor to each other which must create immense strain on the yacht moored to the cleat rather than a stinky? We offered assistance to all 4, are we so smelly???? We felt like persona non grata.

Through the rail bridge and lock and into Oulton Broad for the rest of evening. Lydia walked the dog, then played in the park and had a try on the trampolines, then a quiet night relaxing.

Tuesday – time to go home day duh….. although not straight away. We cleaned up, packed and organised before we left Oulton. We appear to have developed a ritual of always eating our last meal at the Duke’s Head, Somerleyton on the way back to the marina. Today was no different, and a wonderful lunch was had. Adam ordered the sausage and mash which was the dish of day at £5 and Lydia and I had haddock, chips and pureed peas which they do so well; very fresh haddock caught off Lowestoft that morning, the batter superb, the peas delicious and the chips were new potato chip seven better than GY market! Followed by a chocolate pot for Lydia, which I knew she wouldn’t finish…….. We really must get their discount card, we could at least feel justified in spending so much time here. Got distracted and have now signed up for said discount card!!!


The end of another wonderful long weekend and back out tomorrow. This weekend the dragon boat festival at Oulton Broad with Lydia and friend in tow.

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Thanks for the account Suzanne, hope you get to stretch her legs further in the near future. In answer to your yotties question, if as you say they were moored cleat to cleat rather than each one having lines ashore and simply sprung from each others cleats then you can at least be satisfied they demonstrated the usual lack of seamanship of the yottie (as opposed to the Yachtsman) and you were better off not having such incompetence moored alongside you.

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Good to hear you got salt side for a foray :clap:clap

With regards to why the Yotties would not moor next to you David is overlooking one his well known therom's.

They may have in their formative years had an encounter with a Broom owner with an Estuary accent........... many PB's have :naughty:

I must say it is refreshing belonging to a yacht club that openly welcome MOBO's mind you they too shun any one with the merest hint of Armchair Admiralism :grin:

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Sounds like a great adventure Jupes. We have never ventured out into the big water. I have sailed in the sea quite a few time and my old Tamar would probably be OK out there if we chose our time on a calm-ish day, but we don't have the right gear.

Interested to hear about the snotty yottys. We have some on our moorings who give the impression that anyone who owns a boat with an engine must, by definition, be a lower form of life. They won't speak to us and if we say hello they just sort of look the other way. I know that you can't stereotype all sailing folks this way, but I have met quite a few like this in my time. My advice is don't let it spoil your day.



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Thank you both for your replies to my rag and stick query. Yes, they were cleat to cleat and and the second one that came in said yes they would moor to us until they thought they had a better invitation..... :evil: By the time the 5th one came in, Adam didn't even bother to offer and who can blame him.

The first one made some comment about their size not being conducive to ours and the second said thank you we will circle again, then moor to you, only to moor to the clique in front???

And I will adda, that Adam appears to be on permanent look-out for any boat mooring and is always the first out to offer assistance. Whether it is needed or not. He clearly spent too long in the scouts and is too British :dance:clap:clap

I hope we will get further afield, however, confidence is the key and that is not there yet. I would ask, if anyone fancies coming out with us at some point, I think that would help massively. Although Adam brought her up from Burnham on Crouch with an RYA instructor, he was unconsciously imcompetent at this stage, and is now consciously incompent which means confidence levels are dropping although we had a good passage this weekend. The sooner we move this forward into consciously competent, if you know what I mean, the better. :party2::party2::party2:

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(Adam will be posting for help re tilt and trim tabs when he has time

Assuming the 290 (which I think you have) has a similar hull to the 285 you'll probably find that you can end up "chine riding" in anything approaching a cross wind. That can be fun! :( You'll certainly be glad of knowing your trim tabs if that happens.

Jonathan himself is as good a person as any to ask as he took his 285 practically everywhere.

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hi guys...adam here (jupes skipper!)

As suzanne has said.. I have been the first to aid anyone, in spite of our sea fears!!! and when we came through lowestoft said afternoon we heard on the radio that a jetski was in trouble and we made ready to assist. Thankfully two other motor boats (they know who they are) closer in the area helped and we saw said ski paddle towed and come into RnSYC as we arrived so all was well. Didnt hear any others (with sails) offering help!!!

When in the harbour holding area itself....as far as I am concerned, once the sails are down, we are all equal as we are all under motor power with no sails and I was shocked after having offered assistance to the four extra yachts with temporary mooring that having being patient enough to let them go first to the bridge lift, I came out of the holding area at lowestoft and there were two unidentified yatchts cutting across my exit (lowestofts harbour should have been a bit more helpful here!)

Can I just say to any vessels with sails...I WIll give way to you always...but when you are under motor your "sail" passport expires!!!!!!

Am I wrong, advice appreciated?


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No you are not wrong Adam, furthermore any yacht WITH sails up and also using it's engine comes under the same rule. Of course they always display a motor sailing cone in such circumstances so are easy to identify . But always remember that the prime requirement of COLREGS is don’t hit anybody, this overrides all other rules.

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Hi Jupes, have had a bit of fun with trim tabs in the past. Do you have the standard Sealine Eltrim with the 4 buttons and what looks like a couple of ameter needles in the middle? If so they are probably broken.

Mine broke on the 255 and on the Flybridge control on this one only 1 button works, also had a motor down when I bought this boat, was responsible for a few hairy moments on the way back from Southwold in strong wind and a nasty sea.

motors are about £120 each, control unit about £180 not cheap. I am waiting for a fix on the button problem so hopefully you wont need a control head as this seems to be a standard problem for stations outside.


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man those Birchwood TS37 are stunning :lol::lol::lol:

looks like you all had a good time

Suzanne did you take the dog with you for a cruise this time?

Jonny ice sliceice sliceice sliceice slice

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Can anyone please explain, why 5 yachties would prefer to moor to each other which must create immense strain on the yacht moored to the cleat rather than a stinky? We offered assistance to all 4, are we so smelly???? We felt like persona non grata

Hi Jupes must just be you then :naughty:


Re the trim tabs did you get my p.m. Hopefully will have time at half term to come on board with Adam

Jonathan :Sailing friendly :Stinky:lol::lol::lol:

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Hi,Jupes, Have spent most of my boating career at sea so know a bit about the effects of most things required to get under way and proceed with safety as do some other people on here,i must admit i prefer the sea side of boating as it is more exciting and you need to think more of what you about to do,ie; passage planning etc.But now as my wife' Olive's back is not too good we have swopped our Sealine 270 for a Bounty boat for easier boating for her.But i still hanker for the sea time.

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Suzanne did you take the dog with you for a cruise this time?

Jonny ice sliceice sliceice sliceice slice

We did take the dog, although he tells us that he prefers his 'broads paws' to his 'sea paws' :shocked. He is not overly happy at sea, well to be honest, I think he is very scared...... long way to go here.

Jonathan - haha!!! cheeky so and so!! Haven't received a PM.

Guys, thanks for your replies re trim tabs however Adam hasn't read your replies yet, busy with wedding piccies and albums and 3 weddings over the next week :yawn:

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