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Computer help please

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I have just purchased a computer on windows 8.1 and when I put a DVD in the built in player it goes onto the puta but only shows as video-RM and underneath it also lists video-TS but when I click on them to open they will not open and play I might add the video is one that I transferred from video to dvd using a separate machine designed for the job what I am wanting is to upload it so I can send it to you tube to be able to post it on a site locally to me .I am more used to xp where it did it automatically if any one can help could you explain it in simple terms due to being a silver surfer thanks all Clive.

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Hi Clive

it could be that you don't have a media player installed. I always install Vcl media player http://www.videolan.org/vlc/index.en_GB.html from this link. Its free, safe and will play just about anything

cyberlink that is often installed on pcs doesn't always play everything and can be temperamental at times 

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Hi clive

it sounds like you need a video converter to turn it into an mp4 file. There are a lot around with differing degrees of success.

I use a suite of programs called  AVS4You which works very well for my needs


you pay once and get a whole range of audio/video tools.

the one you would need is the video converter

hope this helps



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it does sound live the video is coded in a format windows eithe cannot play, or thinks the video is protected from being played, with VLC you either open the software and then ask it to open the file, or right click the file and then tell it to 'open with' and you should see vlc as an option.

I use vlc for most things (video and music), you could just try uploading the file to youtube, this will automatically convert the file into the format it wants, or tell you it cant do it if it cant recognise the file type, at least then you will know.


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