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Short and Sweet.

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We had a couple of free days so made a dash for the boat on Friday. The normal two hour journey took 31/2 which cut into our time, but by 3 we were sailing on Black Horse Broad. We had one other boat for a while, then we had the place to ourselves entirely, magical!

There was a cunning plan to enter the New Inn quiz so next stop was a quick hop into Horning and a friendly welcome from Gus as he helped us moor up. Chameleon was already tied up and Pat kindly provided a coffee from the bar, and we were able to catch up with her and Mike.

Back to the boat to tidy up before dinner and we were visited unexpectedly. This is a lovely aspect of having a classic boat, we get to meet people and show off our very special bit of Broads history. Our first visitors came armed! Two small people who had seen us arrive were really sure Brilliant was a pirate ship, therefore a suitable plastic pistol was being toted by a sweet four year old girl. :) accompanied by mummies, they came aboard and forgetting the pirate thing, just got excited at the kid level bunks and beamed ceilings. Then two  very pleasant  women asked for a chance to look around, bitten by the bug, they are considering the  purchase of a classic saily themselves. Hope the pockets are deep! :(

All this led to it being time for food. Steve O and Nik O of Windmill Lady had arrived with diminutive pooch so we got settled on the verandah and all ate. Four curry meals and two lamb shanks, all beautifully cooked went down well, and set us up for the quiz. 

We modestly called ourselves 'Brilliant', and did, in fact, win, which was secondary to having had a really good laugh together. The New Inn is now one of our regular stops, the new landlady has set a super tone and the food is always good.

I slept late, for me, but staggered into breakfast before 9 because the bacon butty was calling me! We then did a quick food shop in Horning , and got underway by just gone 10. Mike and Pat escorted us past the Swan and up the river a short way, but the weather was threatening so they decided to turn back and head for their mooring. 

We dropped  the mudweight on Black Horse, hoping the rain would pass over and we could get some sailing in for the last time this season, it didn't, the heavens opened! We sat it out for a while, ate an early lunch and set off for the mooring revising the job list to forget any varnishing planned and get the sails off and stowed for the winter instead.

Back at base we packed up, stripped the sails, took out the first two mattresses and were ready for home. Two mooring neighbours stopped by to say they had been to Bacton Walcott and Happisburgh and been in sunshine all day, so our rain was really local!

We have another couple of visits to make yet, to tuck Brilliant up for the winter, and then that is it for the best year on the Broads yet.


Edited by Polly
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Lovely reading, Polly, but I think November is plenty early enough to be packing up!

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Great read.

I always. Feel a bit sad when I hear of people packing up for the winter.

roll on next season

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This year, JM we have a busy diary, so have to make sure that when we put Brilliant to bed in November, all the preparation is done in advance. :(

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