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York Rose - 1968 Norfolk Broads holiday film


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I sat down in front of the PC this afternoon to make a start on editing the latest batch of old cine films I have for Broadland Memories and surprised myself by managing to edit, mix down and upload the first new film by this evening. Filmed in 1968, this first offering features a holiday taken onboard the motor cruiser York Rose which was hired from Little Ships of Oulton Broad, although most of the footage appears to be northern rivers. There's some nice day to day footage too in this 15 minute film. A great record of a 1960s boating holiday! :)

More new films to come over the next few months and I've got quite a few photographs to add to the website too including a nice little set of Broads pics c1890s which I hope to work on this week.




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I remember York Rose well, in her day one of the smartest boats on the Broads and probably ahead of her time with the sliding roof. Coincidently the foreman boat builder, a man called Lenny Balls, is still alive. The designer, I believe, was a man called Arnot Fowler. Arnot was a prolific & very influential designer, boats such as the Hamton Safari's came off his drawing board. 

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Mr Bell, that's another memory. We sailed across the North Sea, guests of a Dutch sailing club, great hosts who ensured that we visited all the sights. One of those being Kanaal Strasse by night. We pulled into a lock near one of the famous 'shop' windows. As the water in the lock rose our deck became level with the pavement, Mr Bell obviously took a fancy to the 'merchandise' on display in one of the windows, Granted that we were all well tanked up, non more so than Vic, he stepped off our boat, marched across the pavement and straight into the plate glass window. He did eventually find the door! The usual curtains not being discretely drawn as Vic proceeded to sample the pleasures of Amsterdam, to the obvious, lecherous applause of his fellow crew.. A man who worked hard and played hard, his 'lads weeks' were legendary, and an eyeopener to this young lad!

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I've uploaded a slightly better quality version of this film now - unfortunately I couldn't just replace the original so the old link above no longer works as that version has been deleted. I can't edit my original post on here so thought I'd better update with the new link. If you have a reasonable Broadband connection then select to view in HD in the settings on YouTube (gear wheel at the bottom right of the screen), if not then it should hopefully look a little better now in lower resolution. :)


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