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Holiday Snaps from 1969 - By Request!!


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Having mentioned my first holiday on the Broads in my recent holiday blog, I was asked by Simon (Broads01) if I had some pictures from that holiday.

I've had a root around and found an old album containing a few snaps from 1969, my first holiday and a couple from 1970.  My parents, grandparents and I were on a Caribbean in 1969 and we all enjoyed it so much, I remember my dad driving to Hoseasons office in Lowestoft on our way home to London to book for the following year.  Before we left FB Wilds yard, we saw an ex private Caribbean there, with a white top, which was being introduced into their hire fleet and specifically requested that one for our next holiday.

Sadly, my gran died a couple of months after we got home and my grandpa didn't want to come with us the following year, the memories were too upsetting for him, so we went with family friends in 1970 and enjoyed a week on the ex private craft.  I seem to remember that the number was D557, but could be wrong.

If you check the pictures, you will see that it had nav lights, a pair of chrome horns on the roof, a guide for the mud weight rope and no Hoseasons 'Bluebird' on the bow.  If I remember correctly, it was also centrally heated, unlike the usual Caribbeans of the time, which had a gas fire in the saloon.  It was very different inside as well, having wood panelling lining the interior and special headlining throughout.

I have also included a couple of pictures that may be of interest - one with my grandpa standing on the bow of the new Lady Min, that had been built by Wilds for the former owner of the white Caribbean as a replacement, a couple of 'woodies' that Wilds still had in their fleet at the time and a Bermuda, which was relatively new then.

One photo on the blue Caribbean shows my grandparents and parents and one on the white one is with the family friends who accompanied us the following year.  Look how busy Norwich Yacht Station was and check out the clearance under that pesky bridge!

The pictures were taken on a Voigtlander Vito B, which was a fixed lens 35mm rangefinder camera.  They are somewhat faded, but will give some idea of the boats and our holidays.  











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Spot on Malcom, thanks very much for going to the trouble of scanning and posting these. I really like the shot of FB Wilds with the Caribbeans all in line, they didn't just build one or two did they!

My first holiday on the Broads as a child was in 1981. Although my parents hired a centre cockpit boat, I used to love reading Hoseasons brochure (I still have a copy from that year) and it had a full page for the Bermuda. The Wilds craft were still amongst the most modern, desirable boats even 12 years on from your first trip.

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Thanks again for your kind comments.  I hadn't seen these photos myself for sometime, but clearly remembered the holidays in 1969 with my grandparents and again in 1970 with family friends.  Much to my amazement, I remembered where the photo album was, which came as a massive surprise as I sometimes can't remember where I put my keys yesterday!!  I must be getting old. 


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Great photos & great memories.

I'm going to have to have a rummage through the boxes of old photos and albums to find our old holiday photos now. 

This could be a great idea for a new section of the forum 

Errr Dave,

THAT will depend how OLD you wish to feel! :naughty: Seriously, I like the idea, but, with Broadland Memories, I spend many an hour browsing that amazing site of Carol's.



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