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Soon be time to .....


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The Mrs will be on her or rather aboard her broom on the 31st.... Our usual overnight at St Bennett's with the boat dressed in pumpkins and all things halloweeny.

It will be the usual BBQ and light up the abbey with spooky lights and our young billy will dressed up and read from his book Ghost's of the broads to scare us.



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Hi All, as we will be up and out on the boat, I have brought items to put around the boat, so it will be fun to dress the boat :naughty:.


Marina :Stinky

I can see it now Marina, Ian dressed as Jose Mourinho! :naughty: or worse, Arsene Wenger! rofl


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Oye you cheeky beggars, are you implying that us girls are old hags and witches? :norty: Terrible, I am going to have to report you all, or,  (looks up to the heavens and taps finger on chin in deep thought, the cackling can be heard for miles around) cast a spell that will see all men meet a darstardly end, or stick me broom handle where the sun don't shine :naughty: Nah, I'm really not a witch, although my husband may say otherwise lol

Grace :evil: :cat:Please use your imagination, the cat is mean't to be black

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It was just sat there waiting for Halloween! Bile with pips, urghhhhhh.

Hi Peter,

That reminds me of my involvement with a dancing school panto where they had a large pumpkin as a prop, after a few days they had to freeze it each night because it was going off from the heat from all the lights we had rigged.

By the end of the week on the last night it reeked.



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